Masterchef Wild West week Immunity Pin Battle

Masterchef Wild West week Immunity Pin Battle

The red team last night won the challenge so a chance for immunity awaits them.

Noelene, Christina, Totem, Lucy, Vern, Neha, Lynton are all excited by their chance to cook for immunity.

They all arrive at Guillaume bistro and are clearly nervous and awe when they meet Guillaume Brahimi. The contestants can breathe a sigh of relief though because they won’t be cooking against him he is only there to mentor them. Unfortunately they must pick one contestant to face immunity today against a professional chef. Christina is not happy at all and everyone wants a go at the pin. After discussing who made the best dish yesterday Noelene decides it’s out of Lucy Vern Christina and Lynton. After a vote it’s decided that Vern will have a shot at immunity.

Vern will be facing Russell Blake a chef whose food is described as French style cooking.

Both Vern and Russell will put up a dish using a core ingredient in a blind taste challenge for the judges. In a twist though, Russell gets to choose the ingredient and has the choice between duck or oranges. Russell chooses the duck. Vern will have 90 minutes to do his dish while Russell only gets 60mintues to do 3 serves of their dish.

Time has begun and the dish Vern will cook today is Pie lentils with duck cooked two ways with root vegetables on the side. He mistakenly goes over to Russell’s bench and has to swap over to his. Vern is dissecting his duck but it took 15 minutes to do just one leg. He then fries them off and puts them in the oven Guillaume is trying to help him perfect his lentils when Russell begins.

Seared duck breast with Madeira dew with a pumpkin puree and crispy fried fennel. As Russell starts to cut his vegetables he accidently cuts his finger. With only 45 minutes to go Russell needs his duck due on. Vern needs to sear off his duck to render off some of the fat he chooses to keep the breast attached to keep the moisture in. He then puts it in the oven to cook as they have 30 minutes remaining.

Guillaume tells Vern to start thinking about how to plate up Vern is a little frazzled by this. While Russell works away quietly and methodically. Vern has to get to work on his his vegetable and his starting to stress just picking carrots. Guillaume tells him to relax just a little and enjoy.

Vern has started to remove the breasts from the duck and they are cooked perfectly. Russell is focussing on his sauce and he’s worried he won’t make it.

Vern’s biggest problem is he’s lentils. He has removed his duck and it’s perfect. Guillaume is worried that he doesn’t comprehend anything. Russell is crumbing and deep frying his fennel.

Guillaume is getting stressed with 1 minute left both cooks mange to put up their dish and everyone’s happy.

First up for tasting is Russell’s Seared Duck Breasts with Madeira Jew, Pumpkin Puree and Crispy Fennel

Judges loved the smell and look of the dish. They love it, especially the fennel and couldn’t cook the duck any better. The sauce is the hero but the puree is average and the dish is nothing a home cook couldn’t do.


Vern Duck Two Ways with Lentils and Winter Vegetables was last to be tasted Judges Say it looks hearty but lacks a bit in plating skills. Love that the duck legs and breasts were used. But the skin isn’t rendered and the lentils weren’t cooked enough.

Both chefs will be scored out of ten from each judge. First up was Vern who got 3 7’s for a total score of 21/30 Russell got 9’s from both matt and George  and a 10 from Gary giving him a t total of 28 making him the victor of the battle. So Emma remains the only contestant with immunity.




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