Masterchef serves up an egg filled elimination

After the  team challenge at the South Melbourne Markets, Nicole, Karlie, Callan, Ben, Pete, Samuel, Jess and Michelle faced a risky elimination challenge.

Set over three rounds, their challenge was to use eggs as the central ingredient in every dish. With only six eggs available for each person, the contestants had to plate up dishes that would save them from elimination, while keeping enough eggs should they need to compete in all three rounds.

In round one, Pete struggled for a concept while Callan hoped an Asian-styled fried egg with chilli, caramel and coriander pickle would save him from cooking again. Samuel plated up a pickled kimchi while Jess used half her allotment of eggs for a scotch egg. It was a risky move, which ultimately failed, forcing her into the second round alongside Pete, Samuel, Callan and Karlie.

In round two, Jess played on an Eton Mess, making a curd with crushed meringue. But she incorporated gelatin into her curd to ensure it set and ruined the element. Pete’s brown butter emulsion was bitter when served with a beautiful confit salmon and Callan’s coconut custard was a flop. The trio were gutted to be heading into the third round.

In the final round, Jess had a single egg for the cook, Callan had two eggs while Pete had three eggs.

Jess decided she was going to make a scotch egg again, attempting to perfect what she failed in round one. She had a big issue when she realised her lone egg cracked in the boiling water. Callan smoked an egg yolk to serve with lamb tartare, caramel popcorn and raspberry granita. Pete decided to ignore the judge’s advice and cooked steak, eggs and chips.

In the end, Jess had once again completely overcooked her egg and that was enough to send her home from the MasterChef Australia kitchen.

Since leaving, Jess has been doing work experience at Atlas Dining. She is also working on her cookbook, Cooking Outside The Lines