Masterchef reveals the top 10 for 2021

Masterchef reveals the top 10 for 2021

In tonight’s elimination challenge the contestants were put to the test by guest chef Nick Holloway from Nu Nu in Palm Cove.

In round one, the contestants competed in a classic taste test, naming the ingredients from an entrée, main and dessert from Nu Nu’s menu. Scott, Depinder, Aaron, Minoli and Pete had the lowest scores and were sent into round two where they had to cook a dish using only the 50 ingredients featured in Nick’s dishes.

Minoli cooked prawn, young coconut and pineapple soup, and Mel described it as a bowl of happiness. 

Despite his nerves, Scott’s hibiscus flower pavlova roulade with peanut praline and barbecued pineapple impressed Jock. 

Pete was proud of his curry ice cream and pineapple granita with coconut crumble, and the judges thought it was an exceptional dish.

The flaws in Aaron’s coconut fried prawns with lime mayonnaise were clearly the result of his nerves, and having plated up a dish that didn’t match up to his fellow contestants, Aaron was eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen.

After an emotional goodbye, the MasterChef Australia top 10 was confirmed as, Depinder, Elise, Justin, Kishwar, Linda, Minoli, Pete, Sabina, Scott and Tommy.


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