Masterchef returns and finds it’s Mojo

What does the new season of Masterchef have in store for it’s launch week ?

It’s fair to say that after previewing the first three episodes the show has chosen the  contestants  for their  cooking ability over the personalities and it’s a welcome return to the Master Chef of old.

7:30 Monday May 5  Top 50 part 1 90 minute episode)

This series returns with the best group of home cooks the competition has ever seen. In the first episode, our potential contestants are given one hour to cook their best dish and secure their spot in the top 24

7:30 PM Tuesday May 6th. Top 50 part 2 90 minute episode)

Just 10 aprons remain for the 18 remaining aspiring home cooks. The contestants are put through their paces in a core skills invention test, then, contestants must recreate George Calombaris’ superb lemon lime and bitters dessert.

7:30 PM Wednesday May 7th Top 24 cook (90 minute episode)

The top 24 contestants enter the MasterChef Australia kitchen for the very first time. First up, the contestants face the classic mystery box challenge, but there’s a surprise in store.

7:30 PM Thursday May 8th The first elimination (90 minute episode)

 In this elimination episode, 21 contestants face elimination for the first time with a three-round challenge. The contestants are given just 30 minutes to cook a perfect Chinese fried rice. Who will be the first contestant to go?