Masterchef Professionals launch week details

Masterchef Professionals launch week details

Its one of Tens big shows for 2013 and finally details have been released about the launch of Masterchef The Professionals .

18 chefs at the top of their game from all over the country.  MasterChef: The Professionals will see these qualified chefs competing in the toughest cooking environment in Australia.

The contestants will be guided by acclaimed chef Marco Pierre White and MasterChef’s perennial favourite, esteemed food critic Matt Preston.




Sunday Jan 20 7:30 pm (90 Minute Premiere)

Tonight’s series premiere sees our 18 hopefuls put straight to the test in an all-in service challenge.  In three teams of six, they must cook for a room of 120 guests in the new MasterChef kitchen.  But for one, the ride ends quickly as we lose our first contestant, while another will triumph and get a free pass to week two.

Monday Jan 21st 7:30 pm

It’s an epic challenge like no other.  Tonight 16 contestants face the Pop Up Tram Challenge – a classic City Circle tram in Melbourne has been fitted out guerrilla-style as a pop-up restaurant.  Our chefs are put into two teams of eight with the journey beginning at Federation Square.  Under the guidance of Marco Pierre White, the food is prepped before being plated at Flinders Street tram stop and must be ready to go as the tram pulls in after each loop.

And waiting to be dazzled is our esteemed host Matt Preston plus the winner from last night’s challenge.  One team will win and one will lose – the losers face elimination tomorrow night.

Tuesday Jan 22nd 7:30 pm

It’s time for elimination #2.  The eight chefs from yesterday’s Pop Up Tram Challenge must face-off as individuals cooking for their lives in the Last Chance Invention Test.   They can cook anything they like. However, it must not only show off their skill, it must tell a story about their lives.  For one, the MasterChef journey comes to an end.

Master Chef The Professionals kicks off Sunday January 20 on Network 10



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