Masterchef May 25-29

Masterchef May 25-29

Masterchef seems to be falling into a pattern and there is nothing wrong with that.

7:30 Sunday Top 19 George Calombaris Mystery Box

A mystery box challenge quickly becomes a nightmare for some, while an invention test goes like a dream for others.

7:30 Monday Pressaure Test elimination

The bottom three contestants from the invention test face off in a pressure test where they have three hours to replicate a complex dessert. The worst dish will be eliminated from the competition.

7:30 Tuesday The Second Immunity  Challenge

The contestant playing for immunity must cook off against Benjamin Cooper from leading restaurant, Chin Chin, even with a 15 minute head start, have they got what it takes to out-cook a professional?

7:30 Wednesday Team Challenge 

The contestants are tasked to create a four-course dessert menu, with each team needing to prepare 10 serves of each dessert to the judges. Which team will go head to head in the elimination?

7:30 Thursday Elimination cook off 

The contestants from the losing team compete in a blind taste test. They must taste a mystery dish while blindfolded then recreate the dish. The worst dish will be hanging up the apron forever.