Masterchef May 18-22

Masterchef May 18-22

This week Masterchef returns an old favorite The Masterclass

7:30 Sunday Top 21  Maggie Beer Mystery Box (90 Minutes)

In a special episode, the queen of the Australian kitchen, Maggie Beer, returns to the kitchen for the Mystery Box challenge. Who will impress the judges in the challenge?

7:30 Monday Pressaure Test elimination

The bottom three contestants from the Invention Test face off in the Pressure Test. Who will be hanging up their apron and leaving the MasterChef kitchen for the last time?

7:30 Tuesday The First Immunity  Challenge

The three best performing contestants in the Invention Test get to compete for immunity. Competing against chefs Ollie Gould and Kylie Kwong, who has what it takes to win the immunity?

7:30 Wednesday Team Challenge 

In this challenge it’s all about strategy, memory, communication, pace and teamwork as the contestants are split into two teams. However, as always, there’s a twist.

7:30 Thursday Elimination cook off +Masterclass (2 hour episode)

The losing team from the latest challenge now face off over three rounds. By the end of round three, one of the 10 contestants will be eliminated from the competition. Then Maggie Beer takes the contestants to Daylsford




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