Masterchef loses another much loved cook

Masterchef loses another much loved cook

After losing in the Chinese New Year challenge , Matt, Chloe, Mimi, Zoe, Elena, Harry and Miles  faced an elimination challenge with a twist.

Chloe used her immunity pin, leaving the six remaining contestants to cook.

A lucky dip determined the challenge and each contestant blindly selected a cuisine and ingredient, with 75 minutes to cook their dish.

Elena picked Spanish and pork. Miles, who used to live in Japan, picked his dream combination of Japanese and fish. Harry picked Indian and shellfish, Zoe selected American and fruit, Mimi got Thai and lamb, and Matt picked Lebanese and beef.

Mimi took a long time to come up with her idea of a Thai lamb salad. Zoe cooked a pumpkin tart, but with only 40 minutes to go, she had to race to finish her dish, having not started her pastry in time. Miles’ nerves showed in his poor filleting skills.

The judges thought Harry’s prawn curry was sophisticated and well balanced. Although Mimi’s dish was clean and fresh, with perfectly cooked lamb, it missed a crunchy element.

The judges loved the authentic flavours and perfect seasoning of Matt’s braised beef shin.

While Zoe’s ice cream and maple bacon crumb was good, her pastry was too blonde and her pumpkin not the right texture.

Gary said Elena’s dish was an assault on the palate in the most delicious way and Matt Preston declared it was one of the best dishes ever eaten on the show.

The judges thought Miles’ salmon did not feature in the dish enough and questioned whether the fish had been cured properly.

The judges revealed Harry, Matt and Elena’s dishes stood out, making all three safe from elimination. Mimi, Zoe and Miles’ dishes all had one crucial flaw. For Miles, the main error was not championing his salmon and he was sent home.

Miles is now developing a concept called the Miles Pie Club. He hopes to open a café in the regional Queensland town of Clermont soon.