Masterchef June 15-19

Masterchef June 15-19

This week Masterchef dedicates a whole week to Marco Pierre White.

7:30 Sunday Top 13 Mystery Box

The contestants are stunned to find the Godfather of modern cooking, Marco Pierre White, waiting for them. The winner of Marco’s mystery box challenge gets to choose the core ingredient in the invention test.

7:30 Monday Pressure Test Elimination

Marco Pierre White sets the pressure test challenge from his iconic cookbook, White Heat. Emotions run high when one contestant is sent packing forever.

7:30 Tuesday Donovan Cooke  Immunity  Challenge

The contestant cooking for immunity must match skills with Donovan Cooke from the renowned Melbourne restaurant Atlantic. Have they got what it takes to take down a professional?

7:30 Wednesday Team Challenge 

The off-site challenge sees the contestants split into two teams to cook a three-course, British-inspired menu for 120 diners at Taxi Kitchen, in Melbourne’s Federation Square.

7:30 Thursday  Risotto elimination cook off and Masterclass 

Each contestant has one hour to cook a risotto, but to impress they must take this popular dish to another level. The contestant with the least impressive dish will leave the kitchen.Then it’s a Masterclass with Marco 



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