MasterChef June 11

MasterChef Australia welcomes one of Australia’s most-loved and respected chefs, Curtis Stone, back to the kitchen this Sunday for the start of a week of big surprises.

Curtis was recently voted LA Chef Of The Year and his second restaurant, Gwen, which opened less than a year ago has just been named Best New Restaurant by LA Magazine.  He has returned home for a very special MasterChef Australia mystery box challenge on Sunday night.

Curtis reveals to the top 13 contestants that the eight ingredients he has chosen for the mystery box are all 100% Aussie grown. The contestants have 60 minutes to create a delicious dish using one or more of the ingredients in the mystery box, with only three dishes to be tasted. The maker of the winning dish will receive an advantage in the invention test. 

In the invention test, the winner of the mystery box challenge must choose three ingredients from a vast array of fresh produce that has been provided by some of the country’s top farmers and producers.

Each contestant has 60 minutes and access to the pantry and garden to create a special dish. In a twist, the judges reveal there will be only one winner in today’s invention test. The winner will be awarded a power pin, a never-before-seen advantage that gives them the power to add an extra 15-minute cook time in a future challenge of their choice.

The four contestants with the least impressive dishes will be facing elimination in Monday night’s pressure test.