Masterchef July 6-10

Masterchef July 6-10

This week the Masterchef’s top 9 will become 7.

7:30 PM Sunday Mystery Box and Invention test.

With the same six items in each contestant’s mystery box, they all must barter with each other to get a variety of ingredients. Which three contestants will battle it out for immunity?

7:30 Monday Ice Cream pressure test

In the Pressure Test, the contestants must make four of Nick Palumbo’s classic choc-top ice creams from scratch. The least impressive dish will leave the competition forever.

7:30 Tuesday John Lawson Immunity pin

The contestants vying for immunity must identify 12 cuts of a cow. The contestant that names all 12 correctly will go up against professional chef, John Lawson. Can they out-cook a professional?

7:30 Wednesday Asian Team Challenge

In an Asian cuisine challenge, the contestants, in four teams must cook an Asian dish for 200 hungry fans who have the power to decide on their favourite dishes.

7:30 Thursday  Dave Verhuel elimination 

The two losing teams from the team challenge must replicate a signature dish by chef Dave Verhuel without a recipe. The least impressive dish will be eliminated from the competition.




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