Masterchef July 28-August 1 The Top 11 faces a week of love

Masterchef July 28-August 1 The Top 11 faces a week of love

The top 11 this week will have the theme of love  but it wont be so lovely when 2 go home.

Sunday, July 28, 7.30pm
It’s the week of love on MasterChef Australia but the remaining 11 contestants won’t be getting much from our judges as the competition continues to heat up. Tonight, there’s a mystery box challenge, where, in an act of kindness, the contestants get to fill their own boxes with ingredients of their choice. But there’s a twist. They have to gift their mystery box to another contestant. At the end of the challenge the three contestants who produce the most disappointing dishes will face elimination tomorrow.

Monday, July 29, 7.30pm
In the week of love there’s only one ingredient that could possibly feature in a pressure test: chocolate. White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, roasted chocolate, glazed chocolate, chocolate mousse – they are all in Kirsten Tibballs’ louros cake, which yesterday’s bottom three will be recreating in today’s pressure test. The contestant with the least impressive dish will be asked to leave the MasterChef Australia kitchen for good.

Tuesday, July 30, 7.30pm
It’s a case of 50 first dates tonight on MasterChef Australia, when the top 10 are divided into two teams and given the challenge of preparing a main and dessert for 25 couples. Each team will have five core ingredients they must feature, some aphrodisiacs and some anaphrodisiacs, selected at random. They have just three hours to prepare their meals and 60 minutes to serve. The team who have the least impressive service will face off in an elimination challenge tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 31, 7.30pm
Today’s elimination challenge is all about service, and not just with a smile. The five contestants facing elimination must design their own breakfast dish, prepare it in 90 minutes, and then serve it in just one hour to 100 hungry customers. At the end of the challenge, the judges will send one contestant home from the MasterChef Australia kitchen.

Thursday 1st August, 7:30pm
On tonight’s MasterClass, Kirsten Tibballs returns to the MasterChef Australia kitchen to demonstrate an indulgent chocolate dessert perfect for sharing. Gary shows us a gorgeous dessert to tempt your loved one featuring the most seductive of fruits – strawberries – but not before showing us his home-made hollandaise – perfect for the “morning after”. George revisits a tricky mystery box challenge from love week and Matt shares a winter-warming lamb dish that he swears everyone falls in love with. All three judges face off in the MasterChef kitchen to create their own versions of the perfect sharing dish: the humble dip.

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