Masterchef finds it’s top 4

Masterchef finds it’s top 4

After failing to impress in the peel to stem invention test, Jessica, Reynold and Sara competed to secure a coveted place in MasterChef Australia’s Top 4 for 2015.

Grant King, two-hatted executive head chef of Sydney’s Gastro Park, set today’s pressure test: make his liquid butternut gnocchi with mushroom consommé and roast mushroom truffle cheese toast.

The pumpkin soup gnocchi was prepared in algin water, dropped in to form spheres that burst in the mouth when eaten.

The contestants had two hours to cook and five minutes for plating. All three made the same mistake at the start with their brioche by adding the milk when too hot. They had to start over, costing them precious time.

Reynold was out of his comfort zone cooking a savoury dish. He soon fell behind and needed a pep talk from George. For Sara, the pressure was on when she realised she had forgotten to add the egg whites to her consommé raft, essential to purify the liquid. She added the whites and salvaged her consommé but was left short on time when it came to making the technically challenging spheres.

Jessica was on top for most of the challenge, but her first spheres were wrong. She cooled the mixture like Reynold and her second batch were much better, with five holding shape.

Reynold’s consommé was cloudy as he rushed to get onto his spheres. He was familiar with the technique and was happy with the shapes he created. When time was up, both Reynold and Sara had accidently left their brioche toast in the oven and were unable to plate it up.

The judges’ loved Reynold’s gnocchi, which had great shape and were perfectly seasoned. His cloudy consommé and lack of toast were disappointing. Jessica was the only one to get all her elements on

the plate and the judges thought her consommé was as good as Grant’s, her gnocchi delicate and her seasoning spot on.

Sara plated just four imperfectly shaped spheres and plated her mushroom chutney and oyster mushrooms despite the missing brioche toast. The judges thought her consommé could be better.

Her gnocchi was under-seasoned and bland and they missed the toast, which was enough to send Sara home.

Sara is now working in the kitchen at The Kettle Black in Melbourne. She is also busy developing a menu and working towards her own