Masterchef finds its Grand Finalists

Masterchef finds its Grand Finalists

A place in the MasterChef Australia grand finale was up for grabs tonight and the top three was decided by a service challenge.

Justin, Elise and Kishwar arrived at the MasterChef kitchen, hoping to claim a place in the grand finale alongside Pete. They had to create a three-course, fine dining menu to serve 20 diners and the judges.

Justin’s cauliflower taco entrée left Jock disappointed and the judges said

Elise’s lentil agrodolce and pine mushrooms tasted disjointed, while Kishwar’s kingfish ceviche in green water was celebrated as the perfect way to start a fine dining experience. 

Justin was happy with his main course, and Jock said his lamb was a real highlight. Elise served venison, blackberries, beetroot and herb oil, and Andy said the side elements were too sweet, and his meat was overcooked. The judges said that Kishwar’s goat nihari with naan nawabi had basically secured her place in the grand finale.

When it came time for dessert, the judges loved the texture and flavour of Elise’s pistachio semifreddo, but said her birdseed brittle did not belong on the dish. Justin’s brie cheese ice cream lacked cheese flavour, but his crumb and apple were perfect. Kishwar continued to impress, Jock said her afterdinner mint was an exciting jumble of flavours.

Kishwar was announced as the first contestant to join Pete in the grand finale, and it came down to Justin and Elise. In a verdict almost too close to call, Elise was sent home from the MasterChef kitchen. 


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