Masterchef Finals week details and finale date revealed

Masterchef Finals week details and finale date revealed

There is only 7 episodes left of Masterchef left here’s how it all plays out.

Who will fall at the final hurdle ? The finale is scheduled for July 28th.

7:30 Sunday Top 6

It’s finals week as the six remaining contestants enter the MasterChef Australia kitchen for the final mystery box challenge of the competition.

Under their mystery box, they find ingredients chosen by their loved ones, plusa letter wishing them well. With 45 minutes to cook something spectacular, the three contestants with the best dish will be safe, while the makers of the three least impressive dishes will cook off in a pressure test elimination.

The three contestants in the pressure test are set a challenge by the country’s top pastry chefs, who have designed a highly technical dessert especially for this challenge. The contestant who fails to impress will be eliminated from the competition.

7:30 Monday Final 5 face off

In what promises to be an emotion-charged invention test, the remaining five contestants are surprised to learn that there are no rules or restraints: they could cook whatever they choose with full access to the pantry.

As a group, the contestants must decide the cook time. Encouraged tocreate a dish that draws on their past, the contestant whose dish displaysthe most creativity, inspiration and deliciousness will get an advantage inthe next challenge, while the contestant with the least inspiring dish willleave the MasterChef Australia kitchen.

7:30 Tuesday final 4

The top four MasterChef Australia contestants must cook off in a duel challenge over three rounds. The contestants are paired up, with one pair to cook off in the first round while the other pair must cook off in the second round. The winners of the first and second rounds will face off in the third and final round.

The winner of last night’s invention test also has the advantage in round one to choose their opponent, the cuisine and protein. There’s a great deal at stake as the winner of the third round will secure a place in the semi-final.


7:30 Wednesday

With one contestant already through to the semi-final, the remaining three contestants compete in a service challenge at the three-hatted Vue de Monde restaurant in Melbourne.

The contestants join the kitchen team and are responsible for one course each, during a busy three-course a la carte lunch service for 60 guests.


For each course, the guests have a choice of two dishes: one will be cooked by a Vue de Monde chef, while the other will be cooked by the MasterChefAustralia contestant. The best performing contestant will win a huge advantage in the next challenge.


7:30 Thursday Top 3 Revealed + Masterclass

Tonight, the three remaining contestants must cook off in an elimination pressure test, while the semi-finalist watches on.

Each contestant has three hours to replicate the signature dessert dish, The Forest Floor, created by Martin Benn from Sepia in Sydney. The winner of the service challenge has a huge advantage. They get to read the recipe the night before and are able to practise elements of the dish. Will this advantage be enough for the contestant to secure a place in the semi-final? The contestant with the least impressive dish will be eliminated

from the competition. Then it’s time for one last Masterclass.

7:30 Sunday July 27Semi Final

Tonight, the stakes are high as the three remaining MasterChef Australia contestants fight for a place in the finale and the chance of winning thecoveted prize.


For tonight’s service challenge, the contestants are asked to create dishes they would like to serve in their dream restaurant. They must each prepare a two-course meal, a main and a dessert, to serve 20 diners and the MasterChef Australia judges.

With four hours to prep and George Calombaris running the service, the least impressive contestant will be eliminated from the competition


7:30 Monday July 28 2 hour finale

Tonight’s massive finale will be played out in a culinary duel over three rounds.

In round one, each contestant is presented with a mystery box, which they discover is empty. The contestants are surprised to learn they can take turns in choosing eight ingredients for both of them to use.


For the second round, the chef’s table challenge, each contestant must cook a spectacular savoury dish for the three judges, plus three very special guests – their loved ones. The contestants have 90 minutes to serve six portions of the dish at their chef’s table.


For the third and final round, the contestants must re-create a stunning dessert, chocolate ethereal, by guest chef Peter Gilmore from celebrated Sydney restaurant, Quay. With three hours to cook and 20 minutes to plate up and present to the judges, this challenge will decide the winner of MasterChefAustralia 2014.