Masterchef Finals week cuts 5 down to 3

Masterchef Finals week cuts 5 down to 3

Rishi, Christina, Samira, Emma and Lynton remain but who will fall at the final week?

Sunday, August 25, 7.30pm
It’s finals week of MasterChef Australia as the top five contestants reach the pointy end of the competition. Tonight the contestants will compete in two rounds. In the mystery box challenge, they are given 10 ingredients, five chosen by the contestants and the other five by the judges. The top five have 60 minutes to cook one delicious meal. The contestant with the winning dish will be given an advantage in round two.

The winner of round one will get to choose which protein all five contestants will cook with in the invention test. The winner of round two will get a huge advantage in tomorrow’s elimination challenge.

Monday, August 26, 7.30pm
In tonight’s elimination challenge, Rishi, Christina, Samira, Emma and Lynton have been matched with a chef who has a style and expertise to match their culinary ambitions. They have 90 minutes to cook any dish they like and for the first 15 minutes they must work with their mentor chef to plan what they will cook. The contestant with the least impressive dish will leave the competition, leaving four contestants to battle it out for the top prize.

Tuesday, August 27, 7.30pm
In what promises to be the most difficult service challenge yet, the four remaining contestants arrive at Donovan Cooke’s acclaimed restaurant, The Atlantic. Each contestant will be cooking a two-course meal chosen by Donovan for VIP Atlantic customers. The contestant who impresses the most will win an advantage in tomorrow’s elimination challenge.

Wednesday, August 28, 7.30pm
Tonight, the stakes are high as the four contestants fight for a place in the finale and the chance of winning the coveted prize.

The contestants face off in a culinary duel over three rounds. In each round, they have just 30 minutes and an open pantry to create their winning dishes. In round one, the winner of last night’s service challenge gets to pick who they will cook against, plus they get to decide the cuisine and protein both contestants will be cooking with.

The winners of round one and two will secure a place in the top three, with the losers of the first two rounds competing against each other in round three. The losing contestant in round three will leave the MasterChef Australia kitchen and the top three go into the finale on Sunday night.

Thursday, August 29, 7.30pm
Tonight, all our contestants from MasterChef Australia 2013 reunite to take part in the final MasterClass of the season. The tables are turned as they set a mystery box challenge for George and Gary. Our guest chefs are last year’s MasterChef Australia winner Andy Allen, and his mate, former contestant Ben Milbourne.

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