Masterchef finalises it’s top 10 for 2015

Masterchef is on the home stretch with only 10 contestants left in the competition .

Following last night’s elimination with a twist, which saw all 14 previously eliminated contestants return for a chance to cook their way back into the competition, MasterChef Australia’s Top 10 is now complete.

Having been eliminated following an imperfect pie in round one tonight, Jessie Spiby watched on as an intense battle was fought for the right to compete against her for the Top 10’s final position. After narrowly beating Kha Nguyen and Kristina Short, recently eliminated Stephen Rooney went head-to-head with Jessie in the final round.

In a tight race, Jessie’s flawless dish eventually saw her stay the competition. With some of the highest standards ever seen in MasterChef Australia, judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston have been wowed by the Class of 2015 and are excited about the rest of the season. Ten remarkable cooks now remain and, with the coveted title of MasterChef Australia up for grabs, the stage is now set for an intense competition.

Here are the MasterChef Australia Class of 2015 Top 10.

Amy Luttrell, 29, Tasmania This talented cook from Tasmania hopes to leave her hairdressing days behind to forge a new career in food. Having scored her apron with a Vietnamese dish, she has since impressed the judges with similar flavours, cutting a steady path through the competition. A consistent performer in team challenges, Amy needs to watch her attention to detail while she works hard to show the judges that she means business.

Ashleigh Bareham, 23, Queensland While this Sunshine Coast cook has let her lack of confidence get the better of her at times in the kitchen, the tide is now turning. With her newly acquired immunity pin firmly in her grasp after defeating Victorian chef Jim McDougall, Ashleigh is hitting form at just the right time. As a pastry expert, she has shown she has what it takes to dig deep when her back is to the wall, a skill that will be invaluable as the competition heats up.

Billie McKay, 23, New South Wales Increasingly winning respect as a calm and considered all-rounder in the kitchen, Billie’s innovation and creativity has caught the judges’ eyes on a number of occasions. She also impressed UK chef Marcus Wareing, who thought her version of his veal dish was up to professional standards as she breezed through his pressure test. She has shown how well she can multi-task and having out-cooked Jessie for the first immunity pin of the season, Billie is now a serious force.

Georgia Barnes, 27, Queensland Standing out as one of the most creative cooks in the competition, Georgia has consistently created unique and innovative dishes. Loving sweets, whole foods and seafood in equal measure, Georgia has made her mark on the competition as both an all-rounder and a survivor. Although she might wear her heart on her sleeve in the kitchen, Georgia is capable of showing true grit and determination and is more focused now than ever to shine with each dish she puts up.

Jessica Arnott, 29, Western Australia A fan of big, bold flavours, Jessica has won the judges over with her dedication to putting together dishes that really pack a punch. Having been a solid, consistent performer, Jessica missed out on toppling guest chef Nick Holloway for the immunity pin by the narrowest of margins, but scored the highest of all contestants this series for her quail dish. A determined cook who is her own toughest critic, you can bet that Jessica has more skills yet to display.

Jessie Spiby, 28, South Australia After fighting hard to prove her place in the Top 24, Jessie has now well and truly earned her place as part of the Top 10. Having displayed her impressive knowledge and versatility in the kitchen, her food dream is inspired by Asian flavours and she has showcased these for the judges. With a keen fighting spirit, Jessie has twice come close to winning a coveted immunity pin and is fired up to show more of what makes her a red-hot contender.

Matthew Hopcraft, 43, Victoria The eldest of the contestants, this mild-mannered father of two has shown how hungry he is to stay after facing elimination twice recently. Impressing during invention tests, Matthew has missed out on cooking off for immunity three times but is determined he will have his chance. Having consistently taken feedback on board, Matthew is a generous team player and a consistent performer who has put a lot on the line to be here.

Reynold Poernomo, 21, New South Wales Impressing early as the pastry wunderkind, this humble young cook has proven he has staying power. Alongside mouth-watering desserts, Reynold has now shown he is not a one-trick pony, impressing with savoury dishes as well. Having found his voice in the kitchen and now proven himself as a leader, Reynold remains driven to show his family that he has what it takes to make it in the food industry.

Rose Adam, 37, South Australia More than any other contestant, Rose has repeatedly shown that she is made of incredibly tough stuff. Rose has rallied when it matters most, cooking herself out of trouble during three pressure tests and four elimination challenges to date. She has tackled these opportunities with a positive attitude and has acquired a range of new skills each time. Embracing her Lebanese heritage more and more, Rose is growing and learning every time she sets foot in the kitchen.

Sara Oteri, 26, Western Australia The pocket rocket with the “no guts, no glory” attitude has stood out from the beginning for her selfbelief and her delicious dishes. Sara is a consistent performer whose dishes have been among many of the top mystery box choices. A consistently strong team player, Sara has confidently led teams on three occasions, twice to victory. A more determined cook would be tough to find as Sara sets her sights on the next milestone.

Masterchef airs 7:30 PM Sunday – Thursday on Ten