MasterChef farewells it’s first cook

Last night Masterchef farewelled it’s first cook after another home cooking challenge.

The bottom three home cooks from the dinner party dish challenge woke for what could be their last day in the competition. Brett, Genene and Jess entered the kitchen, greeted by the remaining Top 24 and the judges. Matt, George and Gary revealed that in today’s challenge, they would cook another dinner party dish. But in a season full of surprises, they had to use ingredients from their own fridges and pantry which had been shipped in from all over the country.

The trio had 75 minutes to cook a delicious dinner party dish from the leftovers found in their fridges. Before they started, they could read a letter from home, words their families left them to inspire to fight even harder.

Jess was determined to make her mum and dad proud, sticking with something she was comfortable with: desserts. She decided on a chocolate mousse with a mirror glaze.

After reading her letter, Genene also knew exactly what she was going to make – chicken dumplings – just like the ones she makes her boys. Meanwhile, Brett was coming up blank early. He knew he wanted to do something for his girlfriend Lauren, but was unsure what to plate up in the kitchen.

After wasting the first 15 minutes, Brett finally settled on crispy salmon. Genene was determined to learn from yesterday’s disastrous cook and made sure her dumplings were packed with flavour, boosting them with coriander, chilli oil, ginger and garlic.

Criticised yesterday for a messy bench, Jess cooked cleanly today, efficient and precise, impressing the judges. She was happy with her mirror glaze and used some of her colourings from home to give it a glossy red finish. Brett decided to add a spicy carrot puree and included a Middle Eastern pistachio pesto and crunchy chickpeas to give the plate more depth and flavour.

Brett’s dish was first to be tasted and he was proud to present his crispy skin salmon with cumin carrot puree, pesto of pistachio and mint, and oven-roasted chickpeas to the judges. The fish was beautifully cooked, but the chickpeas let the plate down, and Matt described them as overcooked and chalky.

Next up was Genene and her chicken dumplings. She was worried her serving size was too small, and while the judges agreed, the flavour was meaty and delicious.

Jess’ dish is last to be tasted, a white chocolate mousse with raspberry gel and chocolate crumb. Her redemption dish was a showstopper and the judges were wowed by its presentation, sweetness, acidity and bitterness.

Faced with Brett’s chickpeas and Genene’s smaller portion sizes, the judges decided they would rather have Genene’s dumplings again. As a result, Brett became the first contestant eliminated from the 10th season of MasterChef Australia.

Since leaving the MasterChef Australia kitchen, Brett has completed work experience in the kitchens at Wasabi and Locale in Noosa. He has also worked alongside 2016 MasterChef Australia runner-up Matt Sinclair at Sum Yung Guys.