Masterchef Farewells a much loved contestant

Masterchef Farewells a much loved contestant

Last night Masterchef said farewell to another cook.

After losing the  Hellenic Republic challenge, the red team of Charlie, Matt, Zoe, Mimi, Cecilia, Heather, Elise and Anastasia faced an elimination challenge.

Matt used his immunity pin, leaving the seven remaining cooks to face a unique blind taste test that consisted of small cubes of food. The first four to get an ingredient wrong were sent into the second round of the elimination.

In round one, Mimi mistook mango as nectarine, Heather incorrectly identified lemon as grapefruit, Elise failed to guess lamb correctly and Cecilia believed ham was chicken.

The four women found themselves in round two, with 60 minutes to make a dish championing the ingredient that they got wrong.

The judges warned Heather not to go overboard with the lemon flavour of her crumbed calamari dish. With 10 minutes to go, she encountered a major hurdle, when her crumb coating did not stick to her calamari.

Elise took time to prep her rack of lamb and raced the clock to get the meat cooked. Matt Preston questioned whether her dish was special enough to keep her in the competition.

Cecilia struggled to decide what to cook. She finally decided on ham and cheese croquettes and started 15 minutes behind the others.

In the tasting, the judges loved Mimi’s mango jelly and custard. Heather’s calamari was tasty, but a little too lemony. Elise’s lamb was cooked perfectly, but her sauce was quite salty.

The judges thought Cecilia showed great technique with her croquettes, however, the ham did not feature heavily enough. As a result, her time in the MasterChef Australia kitchen came to an end.

Cecilia is doing work experience at Melbourne’s Om Nom dessert bar. In future she hopes to launch a café or educational food truck which would travel around teaching kids how to cook.