Masterchef elimination makes history as Gordon week ends

After failing to impress in the team challenge, Chloe, Kristen, Sarah, Aldo, Jo, Ben, Loki, Samira, and Gina woke for what may have been their last day in the house.

The judges welcomed the group, ushering them down to the front before Gary reminded them Gordon Week was not over yet. Before they got underway, there was a big decision to be made from Loki. To the shock of his fellow contestants, Loki took a huge gamble and opted to still cook, forfeiting his guarantee to stay another week. He said he believed in himself and was there to cook.

Today they needed to recreate a dish from the first Australian chef ever to hold three Michelin stars. Welcoming Matt Abe from Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London, the contestants erupted in applause as he walked in carrying his covered dish. Revealing his roast chicken, summer vegetables and consommé of green herbs, Matt Preston said the dish was technical, using modernised classic methods.

Time started and the nine contestants raced to start – a big group for a pressure test. The recipe was seven pages long, and Ben started by reading it through thoroughly and carefully.

Chloe took her chicken and started to break it down, carefully removing the skin off the chicken which would be needed in tact later. Gary told the group she was leading the pack early, and they needed to motor. It took time for Loki to break down the chicken, but he was still feeling confident until he cut his finger, pushing him further behind. Most of the contestants had already popped their chicken in their water but Chloe too had been held back, still piping her mousse.

The group started on the consommé, a beautiful clear and flavoursome broth. Loki threw his chicken into the pan, but instead of allowing it to brown off before adding his vegetables, he put them all in together. George told him he was going to have to pull it apart and roast off the bones properly, or risk going home with his immunity pin. He panicked and the gantry was worried for the first time that he may have made a terrible error today.

During the tastings Jo nailed it. Gina’s chicken was perfect while Aldo’s flavours were nice. Chloe made errors but her chicken was surprisingly well cooked. Ben knocked it out of the park, Kristen and Samira did well, but Sarah’s chicken was overcooked.

Last up was Loki who had risked everything to cook with a pin. He said he did not regret his decision despite how challenging it had been, and whatever happened he backed himself. But with a grainy mousse, dry chicken, colourless oil and disappointing consommé, Loki is announced as the first person in MasterChef Australia history to be eliminated still holding an immunity pin. Holding his head high he told the remaining contestant to stay true to themselves, and love each other.

Loki has just completed an internship at Gaggan in Bangkok. He will soon launch Indryaan, a youth leadership retreat focused on soulful food.