Masterchef Double Elimination sees two favourites depart

There was no rest for the MasterChef Australia top 10, with a double elimination seeing Minoli and Scott farewelled from the MasterChef kitchen.

In round one, the contestants were given the choice between a mystery box or a cloche, and they collectively voted to cook with the mystery box and had to feature one or more of its ingredients in their dish.

Depinder and Minoli found themselves at the bottom of the pack after round one. The pumpkin and walnut flavours in Depinder’s pumpkin brown butter cake with walnut ice cream were not pronounced enough, but it was Minoli’s decision to use green mango noodles in her south east Asian broth that saw her the first contestant sent home.

After cooking the top dish in round one, Elise was safe from round two. For the remaining contestants competing in round two, Melissa revealed that the ingredient under the cloche was horseradish and they needed to hero it in their dish.

The judges were wowed by Tommy’s salt-cured king fish, Jock commented that Justin was able to make horseradish sing in his poached kingfish dish and Melissa said the flavour balance in Pete’s dessert was alchemic.

Both Linda and Scott’s dishes failed to hero horseradish and they were named the bottom two. Linda managed to successfully make a perfect panna cotta in an hour, but Scott’s mirror dory was overcooked, so it was this flaw that saw him sent home.


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