MasterChef Australia Season Five – World Food Week Begins

MasterChef Australia Season Five – World Food Week Begins

It’s the annual World Tour week this week as contestants explore the cuisines of the world- and a few international countries too! Who will be able to hold the weight of the world on their shoulders? Who will be world’s away from success?

Today, they’re all going to Dubai. Obviously, excitement ensues! Daniel and Christina get to fly business class due to their success in Heston Blumenthal week. The contestants head to Burj Al Arab for a briefing of their next challenge. It’s going to be a team challenge- to cook for 36 locals. Each team must cook several dishes with a core ingredient. They have 30 minutes shopping time before being transported to the desert where they will have 2 and a half hours to cook!

They will have to cook in pairs- so we have Rishi and Christina, Kelty and Samira, Emma and Daniel and Lucy and Lynton.

Each pair will cook with a different protein.

RED: Kelty & Samira will be cooking with lamb.

YELLOW- Christina & Rishi will be cooking with fish.

GREEN – Lucy & Lynton will be cooking with Camel.

BLUE – Daniel & Emma will be cooking with chicken.

Today, they will be joined by Greg Malouf.

To the shopping and while some contestants find their ingredients OK, not all have a good time. Even Samira struggles!

They all head to the desert which has been done up very nicely. The contestants seem to find running on the sand the hardest part of this challenge! Emma and Daniel are making so much stuff.

The red team are making Shishbarak, kibbeh nayyeh, mansaf…and a radish salad! Don’t know what those things are? Neither do I! Unfortunately for them though, the meat they picked up for their dishes is MUTTON! Oh, dear!

Lucy & Lynton face oven troubles after Lynton forgets to preheat it. Emma is working on a rice pilaf.

Samira and Kelty are under a lot of stress and Samira needs to walk off to calm her nerves.

Time is soon up as the VIP guests arrive to try the food.

The yellow team’s fish seem to be a hit. The judges love the versatility of the plate.

The chicken is next with fattoush, caramelised yoghurt dip, eggplant and watermelon & Halva. Again, another great dish!

The red team is next. George’s mouth is numb from the spices but calls the yoghurt dish the dish of the night. They aren’t too happy with the lamb which they call dry.

The green team have slow-cooked camel with honey and dates and some cauliflower, eggplant and freekeh salad.

Another good dish, but the camel could have been cooked longer.

In the end, the blue team wins the challenge. They win immunity from tomorrow’s elimination and a culinary tour of PARIS!

The rest head into elimination.


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