MasterChef Australia Season Five – International Elimination!

It’s World Food Week on MasterChef and everyone except Emma and Daniel are up for elimination in what should be a pressure cooker challenge. Who will lose it all?

Today, they will be cooking for 50 VIPs at the Atlantis restaurant in a service challenge. Mark Patten. There will be six dishes, two entrees, mains and desserts. They will be responsible for one dish each. There is a treasure chest on a table. Inside are six gold coins with numbers on them. The numbers represent the order in which the contestants can pick their dishes.

Lynton will pick first while Christina gets to pick second. Samira will pick third while Kelty will pick fourth. Lucy will pick fifth and Rishi will get whatever is left over.

The dishes and their cooks are as follows:

Entrée – Crab and Burnt Butter – CHRISTINA

Entrée – Quail – SAMIRA

Main – Beef with Mash potato and roasted beetroot – LYNTON

Main – Sea bream – RISHI

Dessert – Dates & Camel Milk white chocolate cream. – KELTY

Dessert – Chocolate Ganache with caramel sauce and apricot jam and ice cream. – LUCY

They will have 3 hours for the prep- which is NO time for these dishes. Their time begins.

Luckily, George is on hand to offer advice and help. They’re all very tense- including Christina who already has the most experience in service challenges. She has an interesting technique to cook her crab in one pot. George doesn’t agree with it but she wants to prove him wrong!

Samira is trying to follow her recipe as much as possible so nothing goes wrong. So far, Lynton, who had first pick, is the one falling behind. Kelty seems to be doing OK, according to George.

Christina finds out she’s cooked the crab the wrong way around as she’s cooked thinner portions before thicker, more time consuming portions first. Meanwhile, Lynton is STILL behind and he only has 30 minutes left!!

Christina is ready to set up for service. George is nailing into Lynton! Service is about to begin and Lynton still hasn’t done his veggies! Oh, dear!

He gets his fire back and tries to claw into the challenge and George can see this! Service begins.

Initial customer responses for the entrees are positive. The crab is tried by Matt and Gary. They love the burnt butter and the crab but not the potato ‘foam’ Christina has put on. To Samira’s quail and it looks good, but does it taste good? Yep! Gary says his was cooked beautifully.

Lynton has to scrap some croquettes from his dish- and it may not be the best risk! The mains now head out and the judges have their say! They taste the bream first and Matt calls it impeccably cooked. Rishi’s done a wonderful job. To Lynton’s dish and the missing croquettes are noticeable. The beef is cooked incredibly, but there’s a high bar set today. Will it send Lynton home? It’s getting overwhelming praise from the crowd.

Dessert is last. Lucy looks cool, calm and composed. She’s having fun! Kelty on the other hand is stressing as he’s forgotten what the original dish looked like.

The judges taste Kelty’s dish first and they love all the components together. Lucy’s is equally as good. Wow, this is going to be a close one!

Luckily, it was such a good effort in the challenge…no one goes home! Well, that was uneventful. Except for Lynton crying…which ended up to be over nothing.

Personally, there were flaws the judges could pick up on. In the past, they have had immaculate dishes served to them where they’ve had to choose an eliminee over the smallest details, so why wasn’t Lynton’s mistake just seen as the unfortunate deal-breaker? Favouritism? I’m sorry, but there’s a chance…