MasterChef Australia Season Five – Home time Challenge

The contestants have just come back from overseas after their non-elimination yesterday but for whoever loses tonight’s new challenge WILL be facing off in tomorrow’s very real elimination. Who will it be?

It just struck me that World Food Week is the biggest sham of all time! The theme really only lasted half a week and NO ONE was eliminated off the back of it! Hopefully today’s challenge is ‘world’ related.

It’s a team challenge again today. Today, they will be cooking for as many of the 750,000 lunch-goers they can deliver food to over the CBD. Each team will create a takeaway menu of one entrée, two mains and accompanying sides. Companies around the CBD will order from a menu delivered to them. Their dishes will either be Mexican or Chinese in flavour. They have to pull a flag out of a pot which determines which team they are on.

CHINESE: Samira, Daniel, Lucy and Emma (Red)

MEXICAN: Lynton, Rishi, Kelty and Christina (Blue)

They will have 3 and a half hours to plan, prep and deliver their meals. Their first order will be 90 minutes after the time starts.

At the kitchen, the blue team decide Christina will be captain due to her Mexican knowledge. Meanwhile, Emma will be captain for the red team. Their menu consists of won tons for entrée and beef and crispy duck for their two mains.

The blue team will be doing a grilled prawns and salad for entrée along with spicy lamb cutlets and an intricate taco for main.

Lucy is working on the red team’s won tons and she’s flustered by not knowing how many people they will be serving for. She guesses 100 customers. Meanwhile, Daniel works on the beef.

Christina is cooking the chicken for her tacos while Lynton seems to be working on the lamb. Makes sense. However, he takes too long to begin his sauce. Gary is stern when he tells him to hurry up!

Meanwhile, Christina wanted to give one taco to each customer, but after advice from judges, she reluctantly makes it two. She’s just doubled the workload!

Soon, the first order comes through. The first orders and their quantities show the contestants they’ve grossly underestimated their customer count!

Lucy is the under the most pressure. A lot of the customers love those won tons. She has to cut the portions. Lynton’s phone manners are also hilarious.

On deliveries, Emma and Lucy get lost while Rishi and Lynton from the blue team find their way easily. Back at the kitchen, more orders are coming in!

Samira stuffs up the number of orders she needs, which puts the team behind!

Meanwhile, the blues feel confident.

The judges meanwhile taste the food. The red team’s dishes are branded clean with flavour while the blue team’s dishes have zing but the style of some of the dishes was a little off. They do love the red team’s lamb however. They question the flavours of Daniel’s beef but love the duck dish.

In the end, the team going into elimination are…the red team!


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