MasterChef Australia Season Five – A Team-Challenge Love-In

MasterChef Australia Season Five – A Team-Challenge Love-In

Fifty people are about to go on their first date- and the contestants are tasked to cook for them! Who will score a date with tomorrow’s elimination round?

Today, the contestants will be cooking in two teams and have to prepare a shared main and shared dessert for 25 couples- 50 in total! The winning team is safe; the loser will head into elimination.

Kelty & Lucy are captains.

Lucy will be with Daniel, Christina, Vern and Lynton.

Kelty will be with Noelene, Rishi, Emma and Samira.

They have to pick cloches hiding ingredients one by one. They have to cook whatever is under the lid.

Kelty’s red team get garlic to begin with. Lynton gets red wine for the blue team. The red team then get liquorice. The blue team get berries while the red pick coffee. The blue team get chillies while Kelty scores almonds. The blue team then get artichoke. Samira picks sardines for the red team next. This leaves blue with the last ingredient- fig!

The blue team then decide their dishes. They wanted to do spatchcock, but that was going to take too much time. They instead go for lamb rump. The red team decide to grill their sardines and create a mezze platter. The team then decide to do the idea the blue team dumped- the spatchcock!

The blue team then plan dessert and decide to do two different flavoured ice cream cones! They’re doing ‘chilli chocolate’ and berries. Now, remember when they decided not to do the spatchcock idea- well, it was because of the bones- but their rump steak has arrived…on the bone! Vern just decides to order more.

Meanwhile, the red team decide to cook the spatchcock on the bone. But Kelty wants to confit the spatchcock and Samira thinks it’s a crap idea. The judges aren’t giving their opinion. Back at the blue team, their rump steaks arrive!

The red team are also doing ice cream, but it’s not cooling down! That’s not good!

Meanwhile, Kelty is now realising that confiting the spatchcock was a bad idea as 20 minutes remain. On the blue team, they’ve run out of time to make cones for their ice cream, so they plan to just do flat cones.

The guests now begin to arrive. The blue team’s rump is not cooking fast enough and well enough. This could be disastrous. The contestants begin to plate everything up and, in the end, the rump is cooked for the blue team and ready to go with the rest of the lot. Still, with so much food on the red team’s platter, Vern can’t help to think he hasn’t done enough.

The judges taste the lamb from the blue team first. Matt loves all the fresh flavours. George thinks it is a little bit tough though. The judges don’t think it’s enough.

The red’s Mezze platter is next. It was delicious and plenty some.

To dessert and the blue team’s chilli chocolate sorbet has melted. There’s quite a lot of chilli and but the textures and flavours were brilliant. Luckily for them, the red team’s ice cream is basically custard. They love the flavours but George would never serve the ice cream he’s been served.

In the end, the team heading into elimination is… the blue team!


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