MasterChef Australia Season Five – A Not So Dreamy Elimination

MasterChef Australia Season Five – A Not So Dreamy Elimination

Tonight, the bottom six from yesterday will face elimination. Who will go home so short of the final?

Today, they simply have to prepare a dish that symbolises what they want to get out of their culinary dreams. They have a whopping two hours to get stuck into the dish and an open pantry.

Kelty is doing a pork dish featuring a shoulder- but will the judges forgive him for not using a belly?

Rishi is doing a traditional palak paneer but modernised. Lucy is doing ‘cupcakes three ways’ with three different cupcakes- lemon meringue cupcakes, butterfly cupcakes and one with carrots in them! Yum! Matt wonders if she has any doubts about putting up three types of just cupcakes.

Christina is doing a Caesar salad with a twist. Lynton is doing some BBQ emu with a spiced macadamia puree. Samira is doing a simple deconstructed Makloubeh.

We hear about their dreams- Kelty wants a restaurant where people know exactly what time dinner will be served; Lucy wants a small café; Samira wants a middle eastern restaurant that teaches people how to be budget savvy. Lynton wants to have the first ever hatted NT restaurant.

Kelty experiences problems with his potato glass (a textural, thin sheet of potato). He finds success later on in the competition. Only 30 minutes remain though.

Christina worries about her idea of a reworked Caesar salad.

When Kelty pulls out his now-cooked pork shoulder, he is a bit put off on how big and chunky it is. Gary is worried about his idea of making ‘soldiers’ with them.

Plating now begins. Samira’s dish looks like a disaster when she plates it up on a small plate. She has a second pilaf left to plate with. It looks better on a bigger plate. Christina is also not too happy with her dish as she plants it.

Time is soon up. Their fate is almost sealed.

Rishi is first for tasting. They love the familiar flavours and I think Rishi is on a winner!

The Caesar salad a la Christina is next. It’s a brilliant dish! They want more.

Lynton’s barbecued emu is next. The emu is cooked beautifully well. The macadamia sauce is a bit satay-y.

Samira’s Makloubeh is fourth. They call it warm and lovely. Kelty’s twice-cooked pork is last. The pork is tough and the sauce is too strong. Oh dear!

Lucy’s cupcakes are last. Gary likes the batter of one of the cupcakes, but not the others.

With that, it’s really down to Lucy and Kelty but in the end, the latter is sent home!


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