Masterchef Australia May 11-May 14

This week Masterchef airs another four  episodes  which comprises of two challenges and two eliminations.

7:30 Sunday Top 23 Mystery Box

The 21 contestants enter the kitchen to find a mystery box at their bench. They have one hour to cook a dish using at least one of the ingredients. The contestant with the best dish will have an advantage in the next test.

7:30 Monday Shannon Bennett elimination challenge

The three contestants with the least impressive dishes from the invention test face off in the pressure test. The contestants are given the challenge of re-creating guest chef Shannon Bennett’s fillet of beef with a bone marrow crust.

7:30 Tuesday The First Team Challenge

In the season’s first off-site challenge, the contestants split into two teams for a lunch service challenge at two popular St Kilda restaurants. The team with the most money in the till at the end of the challenge wins.

7:30 Wednesday Snapper elimination

The losing team from last night’s challenge are all facing elimination and have to plan 3 dishes from one Snapper. In an unexpected twist, one contestant takes the biggest risk in the history of MasterChef Australia. Will it pay off?