Masterchef Australia August 4 – August 8

Heston Blumenthal takes over the kitchen where he will appear for the whole week. 

Sunday, August 4, 7.30pm
The remaining nine contestants can’t believe their eyes when the one and only Heston Blumenthal enters the MasterChef Australia kitchen. Today’s challenge is a team challenge with the nine contestants split into three teams. Contestants have two hours and a recipe to recreate Heston’s royal jubilee trifle. The team that best re-creates the trifle will get to battle it out for immunity tomorrow where all three members could walk away with an immunity pin.

Monday, August 5, 7.30pm
The three contestants from last night’s winning team are all in with a chance for an immunity pin as they cook against Heston Blumenthal. Today’s challenge is simple: contestants get 90 minutes to cook either an entrée, main or dessert while Heston has to cook all three courses in the same time. In front of each contestant is a box containing a typical ingredient found in French cuisine. In true MasterChef Australia fashion, there’s a twist. Contestants don’t get to pick whether they’re cooking the entrée, main or dessert, or even which ingredient they are cooking with. That was decided when they walked in and stood in front of the boxes.

Tuesday, August 6, 7.30pm
Tonight we leave the MasterChef Australia kitchen for the stunning Montsalvat, the setting for tonight’s team challenge. One of the contestants gets to sit this challenge out after a stellar performance in last night’s immunity challenge. The remaining eight contestants split into two teams. Each team will be making a Heston-esque medieval feast for 10 noble knights and fair ladies as well as the four judges. Contestants have two-and-a-half hours to cook a delicious medieval feast, including Heston’s famous edible garden and an array of poultry. The team which makes the least impressive feast as decided by the judges will go into the next elimination.

Wednesday August 7, 7.30pm
The four contestants from the losing team face off in today’s elimination challenge. The contestants are presented with one of Heston’s Fat Duck dishes, bacon and egg ice cream. They have to take inspiration from this dish and create a dish that stimulates all senses, has a sense of theatre and is packed full of flavour. Each contestant will have 90 minutes and an open pantry. The worst dish as deemed by the judges will send its creator packing.

Thursday, August 8, 7.30pm
We wrap our massive Heston week with the man himself. Heston will cook all the dishes for the MasterClass and delight our studio audience with his kitchen wizardry. Firstly, Heston shows us how to make his perfect scrambled eggs. He shares with us one of his favourite dishes, a roasted leg of lamb with anchovies and rosemary, and demonstrates how to carve for maximum flavour. After years of experimentation and research, Heston has come up with the way to cook the perfect steak. He shows us his fail safe method, which involves flipping the steak every few minutes. It’s hard to imagine, but even Heston Blumenthal cheats occasionally. One of his cheatiest secrets is his instant fruit sorbet. Using store-bought fruit smoothies and juices, Heston uses a little dry ice trickery to turn these everyday drinks into a luscious sorbet in no time at all.

7:30pm Sunday – Thursday on TEN


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