Master Ensuite bathroom room reveal

Master Ensuite bathroom room reveal

Ita a big week of The Block so lets get started.

As Scotty says, it’s reality colliding withts  a reality V show on The Block, as the world grapples with Covid 19. On the Saturday of the Master Ensuite bathroom room reveal The Block awakens to scenes from a packed Bondi Beach with no social distancing that went on to shock the world.

All our couples are working around the clock to deliver their rooms this week. In House No1.Harry even slept next to his bath that he and Tash have called Delilah. In House No.4 Luke and Jasmin couldn’t carry their very heavy bath on their own, so they left it on the footpath overnight, much to the bemusement of Daniel in House No.3

In House No.2 builder Corey is desperate to go home to see his young eight-week-old baby but has to stay a bit longer after another small mistake in their bathroom regarding the mounting of Sarah and George’s floor spout. Eventually he gets out of The Block, not very happy, by 1.45pm.

Finally, Luke and Jasmin get their bath installed with the help of their trades, and even tough critic Keith is really impressed. He thinks they might be in a shot to have a win this week.

It’s now Sunday, and Victoria is set to go into Lockdown this week. Everything other than essential businesses will be shut down. No holidays, no going to restaurants or pubs.

Tools down is called, and everyone has finished what are some amazing bathrooms.

Scotty tells the contestants at HQ the severity of what is going on around Australia because of Covid19. He is all the more pleased at the incredible standards of the bathrooms that have been delivered under what has been very trying circumstances.

It’s judging time.

Harry and Tash, House No.1, 1920s, they spent $28,435:  Neale said the room was beautifully done, in particular he loved the colour of the tiles, a beautiful green that accompanies the master bedroom perfectly. The judges love the terrazzo tiles on the bathroom and the basins are perfect for the era. The only criticism is shower screen should have been higher. But Darren thinks the room has emotional pull for the buyer, and that is what Harry and Tash were aiming for. The styling is superb.

Score 28.5/30

Sarah and George, House No.2, 1940s, they spent $21,715:  Darren’s immediate reaction was this room was as good as next door.  Shaynna’s general feeling is that four different tiles of four different shapes shouldn’t work, but it works perfectly and blends beautifully in this bathroom. A small minor issues regarding layout – Shaynna thought the splash from the shower might be an issue.  But other than that, it was very hard to find any faults. Considering the week Sarah and George have had, the judges were very pleased with what they delivered.

Score 28.5/30

Daniel and Jade House No.3, 1930s, they spent $27,229:  What an entrance is what the judges initially thought walking into the bathroom. Neale loved the fish scales and thought they worked very well. Darren thought the fish scales fitted the era perfectly.  Shaynna loved the shape of the bath. Darren wasn’t sure about nanna’s slippers however. He also thought they could have used a bigger vanity. Overall though, it was a very impressive bathroom. The judges are very impressed by the high standard of bathroom deliveries today.

Score 28/30

Luke and Jasmin, House No.4, 1910s, they spent $24,487: The first ever curved wall in a bathroom on The Block and Shaynna and Darren said the same thing – “WHAT.”  Shaynna thought the wall, with the circular skylight was literally heaven.  She and Darren loved the black bath. All three judges thought the bathroom was modern but a nod to the period. Interesting thoughts, as this week Jasmin and Luke were open about they were more going for the perfect bathroom they wanted to deliver, and not thinking of the 1920s period too much.  The only issue they had was the vanity could have been longer and the toilet role was in the wrong position.

Score 29/30

Jimmy and Tam, House No.5, 1950s, they spent $18,945:  This week Jimmy and Tam made some huge planning changes after criticism last week. Their powder room has now moved, which has enabled them to extend their WIR and build a separate entrance into their Master Ensuite bathroom. The judges are impressed. Neale notices there is no bath but understands because of the floor size. The judges advise they must have a bath upstairs because of this. All three love the choices Jimmy and Tam have made with their colour palette, pink and terrazzo tiles and the black vanity. The room makes the judge’s heart sing.

Score 28/30+1 bouns point =29/30

Jimmy and Tam used their extra bonus point to make it a tie with 29 points – both shared the $10,000 prize from Ford.