Master Chef World food week ends with a elimination

Master Chef World food week ends with a elimination

Last Night the Red team went into a team challenge and failed to deliver now they face the prospect of going home.

The team consisting of Samira, Daniel, Lucy and Emma arrive to see the world laid out on a table before them. It’s quite an impressive sight. But before they can cook some business has to be taken care of as Emma plays her immunity pin to secure her place in the top 7.

Today’s challenge will be split into two rounds. In round one the contestants will pick one of six continents and cook food from that region using the ingredients on the map. It’s first in best dressed. Samira goes for Africa as that will play to her strengths.  Daniel chooses Australia while Lucy hesitantly decides on Asia despite not liking the cuisine. They will have 45 minutes to complete the dish. Samaria is doing African-inspired Dukkah lamb cutlets. Lucy is struggling to find ingredients and is questioning her decision but she decides on doing a crab and prawn cakes dish. Dan decides on a seafood plate.

Lucy is wandering if she needs to cook the crab before putting it in the cake so she asks the judges for advice. George asks her why she would blend up the meat and use it just as a crab cake. She eventually decides to serve a crab with a crab cake underneath. Samira is doing the lamb as she would at home and gets started on her mix.

Daniel is making a fruit salsa and for his crab and when the judges come around he admits he’s never cooked crab with fruit before so the judges are worried and it’s too late to change his dish. Lucy’s dish is simple so the judges are worried for her too. Daniel has burnt his scallops with 10 minutes left so he runs to get more.

Lucy hasn’t cut the crab open and is having a mind blank as time is called and she doesn’t get it open. In the judging Lucy’s dish only has two crab cakes with her sauce. The judges slam it saying it’s not a top 8 dish. Daniel’s dish has a mixed reaction with the scallops being cooked beautifully but the dish lacks consistency. Samira’s dish the lamb is cooked beautifully and it’s delicious. Samira is saved and Daniel or Lucy will depart today.

As winner of round one Samira gets to pick the continent that they will cook with. She chooses North America because it has lots of fruit and will play to both their strengths. They have 1 hour to cook whatever they like but both seem to be confused as to what to cook. Daniel is going to try and recreate a bagel. Lucy eventually decides on an Eton mess. Daniel is keeping it simple as well as Lucy who forgot about finding a crumb. She decides to use pretzels.

Dan is roasting his sweet Potato when the judges come past and tell him to tone it down. Lucy has her meringues in the oven and starts on her cream. Dan doubts his idea and has problems when his cream cheese won’t fold through into his whipped cream. Daniel has lost his confidence and matt tells himself to stay calm.  Lucy is doing her candied pecan as well as doing her cream. But she has burnt the sugar and over worked her cream and there’s 10 mins left. Dan has finally got his cream cheese working while Lucy sets about constructing her desert. Time is up and both contests have things on the plate.

At the tasting both dishes are a bit iffy on flavour and presentation is seriously lacking but in the end Lucy’s dish wins out over Dan’s presentation as a result he will be leaving the MC Kitchen.