Master Bedroom & Walk-in-Robe reveal ends on a bombshell

It’s Master Bedroom week and its time to see if the boys decision paid off?

Georgia was unhappy with the position of a pole that was moved by The Block builder in House No.1 and they come up with a compromise. They move the pole back, and Keith and Dan will pay for the engineering to make the change.

It’s 7am on a Saturday morning and all our Blockheads are working frantically to deliver their master bedroom and walk-in-robe.

Tanya is out shopping while Kirsty and Jesse and Ronnie and Georgia’s main task is to paint, paint, and paint.

It’s been a long road this week with many council visits for Luke in House No.4, but he and Josh can see the finish line.

There is a bit of controversy on The Block with Luke’s fiancé Olivia arriving. Some of the other contestants think Olivia is helping the boys style their rooms, and it is pretty obvious this could be the case. That is against Block rules.

Kirsty and Jesse’s electrician and the boys from Carpet Court have a bit of a confrontation, everyone can’t fit in their room.

Keith and Dan do their defect reports. Most are OK, in particular Ronnie and Georgia. Keith said their bedroom is one of, if not the best, room he has seen on The Block.

Vito has a meltdown after midnight and gets Forty Winks in to help him make his bed.

There are a couple of all-nighters, in particular Kirsty and Jesse who hardly slept – but everyone gets their rooms done. Scotty calls tools down. It’s judging time.

Ronnie and Georgia spent $24,500 in cash: The judges loved the size of the bedroom and the height of the ceilings. The new Laminex wall was super special. Neale said Ronnie and Georgia delivered sophistication, subtly: from the styling to the finishing and the furniture choices was extraordinary. Omfg he said. One of the best master bedrooms in his 11 years on The Block. However, there was a big mistake with the walk-in-robe, it was just far too small. Not enough space for one person, let alone two in such a luxury house. Shaynna thought the styling in the walk-in-robe was beautiful, but that’s about it.

Score 23.5/30

Mitch and Mark spent $20,380:  Neale thought it was a tight size compared to Ronnie and Georgia, but that didn’t matter, it was still a very good room for Mitch and Mark. They all liked the paired back elegance, which is unusual for Mitch and Mark. Inside the wardrobe and they thought it was very well thought out. Lots of designer labels to choose from, classic Mitch and Mark.

Score 26.5/30

Tanya and Vito spent $25,650: Darren thought the size was just right. Shaynna loved the unique bedhead with the subtle lights. The Grafico wallpaper was a hit. Neale thought the choice of floorboards really let Tanya and Vito down. Inside the walk-in-wardrobe, Shaynna hated it. The black handles on the doors didn’t work. Darren acknowledged however excellent planning by Tanya and Vito, there was loads of space. Neale felt the walk-in-robe lacked a sense of glamour.

Score 24/30

Josh and Luke spent $19,830: Was the big planning change worth it? The judges believe it was, maybe Julian Brenchley will have to eat his words. The fact the adults wing will be very private will now be an advantage come auction day, the judges believe. It could sell the house for them. The room is light and bright and fells fresh and well designed and planned. The luxury walk-in-wardrobe is the best so far on The Block. Beautiful size and beautifully size, did Olivia help too much?

Score 27/30

Kirsty and Jesse spent $24,920: Darren loved the softer colour palette of the room and the Velux skylights were perfectly positioned. Neale felt a lot of the individual elements of the room, the furniture choices and the art, did not work and was a bit old and clunky. In the walk-in-robe the big issue was that it was too small. The doors on both sides of the room hit each other when you opened them up. A bad planning decision.

Score 23/30

Josh and Luke head home thrilled with the win, but Ronnie and Georgia aren’t happy. The couple keep their emotions in check, and while they don’t explode they do seem tense.

And then Ronnie drops a bombshell.

“I guess it helps to cheat,” he says.

Georgia cuts in, “Don’t go there.”

“I mean it’s amazing they know exactly the full schedule of what rooms are coming up and they know what challenges are coming up.”


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