Master Bedroom and Walk-in Wardrobe Reveal

Master Bedroom and Walk-in Wardrobe Reveal

It’s 26 hours to master bedroom and walk-in wardrobe reveal and everyone is busy on The Block working to the deadline.

Ankur and Sharon in House No.3 have had a rough week and Saturday is a huge day for them. They have the biggest room on The Block, and they are pushing uphill to finish.

House 2 Rachel and Ryan have found their groove this week and think their country lodge style master bedroom and walk in wardrobe will be a hit with the judges. The hero will be an amazing stone fireplace.

Omar and Oz in House No.5 have gone missing for the day. Foreman Dan can’t believe it, normally there is always one person on The Block at all times. This is especially the case on a Saturday before room reveal.

Sharon is doing something different on The Block that hasn’t been done before. She has sourced antique draws and bedside tables from an op shop.

Omar and Oz are back on The Block and stay up to 4am completing their room.

Dylan and Jenny aren’t happy with the finishes of their huge master bedroom, but they finish.

With the help of their tilers Ankur and Sharon somehow finish their painting and everyone breaths a sigh of relief as Scotty calls “tools down”.

It’s judging time at Scotty’s HQ.

Tom and Sarah-Jane spent $26,127:  HELLO was what they judges’ first said. Shaynna went straight to the amazing fire. Neale thought the room was beautifully done. He thought there was nothing wrong at all with the room. The walk-in-wardrobe was a great size. Shaynna believes both rooms will pull at the heartstrings of a buyer.

Score 28.5/30

Rachel and Ryan spent $22,834:  Ooh la la Darren said as he entered the master bedroom and hugged the stacked stone fireplace. Both rooms were beautiful. Neale and Shaynna, who had been critical of Rachel and Ryan in the past, were very positive. Darren said both rooms got him by the heartstrings. Neale applauded the neutral colour palette.

Score 27.5/30

Ankur and Sharon spent $35,649: WOW said Neale as he entered the room. It is A LOT what Ankur and Sharon did, but they loved it. Neale praised theme for including antique furniture. Shaynna loved the grandeur of the room. She didn’t like the lighting choices. Darren described the room as eccentric. The wardrobe was glamorous. The judges however are concerned about how much money they must be spending.

Score 28/30

Dylan and Jenny spent $25.170: Very saleable rooms. An interesting choice to walk into the walk-in wardrobe first and not the master bedroom, but the judges think it works. They loved the walk-in wardrobe but thought the master bedroom wasn’t incredible. Nice, but not amazing. There were also some issues with the finishings.


Omar and Oz spent $22,659:  Not a great week for Omar and Oz. The judges didn’t like the library or work from home space, thought it took too up too much room in the master ensuite.  The fact they didn’t have a king size bed was a mistake. The layout of the walk-in wardrobe wasn’t the best and it was too small overall.


The results are in, and Tom and Sarah-Jane take out the win.


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