Mary Reid says farewell on The Biggest Loser

Mary Reid says farewell on The Biggest Loser

Well wasn’t that a tear jerking elimination. the heaviest woman in the competition – Mary Reid from Ararat, Victoria left the competition having lost over 16 kilograms.

Mary admits that her downfall has been her constant struggle to self-motivate and train hard, and she no longer feels that she can give 100%. In fact, she felt that she didn’t deserve any more second chances, especially when more deserving contestants were more desperate to stay.

In a dramatic twist, Mary’s fate was ultimately sealed by her own emotional plea to her fellow contestants to save Big Kev instead of herself during the final elimination. In her final words, Mary said: “Keep someone who really wants to be here in the house….Keep Kevin.”

For a woman who has been overweight all her life, the loud and loveable Mary is proud about her weight loss so far and determined to do her best back in Ararat, before returning for the finale.

Mary says: “This has been a great opportunity for me. Both physically and mentally it is has challenged me everyday. I’m very proud of myself. I got rid of a lot of demons.”

Mary now joins Michelle’s secret red team back in Ararat, alongside previous eliminated contestants Rodger and Matt.

The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia continues Wednesdays and Thursdays on TEN at 7.30pm.


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