Marta Dussledorp Commences Wentworth Sentence

Marta Dussledorp Commences Wentworth Sentence

ATTENTION COMPOUND: this is the inmate you’ve been waiting all season for…

In tonight’s penultimate episode of season 8 for 2020, Marta Dussledop enters Wentworth as Sheila Bausch.

While not a lot can be revealed in advance, Sheila is charged with multiple counts of murder, which results in her winding up at Wentworth. But when it’s revealed she is part of the True Path Cult that Lou (Kate Box) and Reb (Zoe Terakes) escaped from,  With Lou in the slot how will the Reb  react to the newcomer and what  long-held secrets threaten to be exposed?

Elsewhere in the episode, Vera (Kate Atkinson) and Allie (Kate Jenkinson) conspire again Ferguson (Pamela Rabe), but will their plans have the desired result?

‘Monster’, written by John Ridley, introduces Sheila and moves a lot of stories forward as we head towards, if history tells us anything, a big season finale next week. Marta Dusseldorp certainly captivates with a character set to shake up Wentworth all those within its walls.

This is certainly one episode you won’t want to miss.

Tonight at 8.30pm on FOX Showcase