Married at First Sight Returns

The 2024 season of Married at First Sight is underway, with the new Brides and Grooms ready to put their all into the experiment, in the hopes of finding true love.

The series kicks off with the group spending their final night as singles together, at the traditional Bucks and Hens’ night. The ladies get a surprise to see Michael walk into the hens announcing he is the new bride, before realising the fact that the experiment has a same-sex couple, and outspoken bride Lauren causes a stir.

In this year’s first match, we have 29-year-old Sydney nutritionist Sara whose dream man is yet to materialise, and Tim, a 31-year-old online business owner from the Gold Coast. Neither Tim nor Sara can hold back their smiles as they lock eyes down the aisle. Tim sweeps Latina Sara off her feet, and he greets her in Spanish to her surprise. Tim says he lived in Medellin, Colombia, where Sara says she is originally from. The new couple are immediately smitten and finish the ceremony with their first kiss.

After a steamy photoshoot complete with passionate kisses, the newlyweds are inseparable as they get to know one another at their reception. That is until Tim reveals he was cheated on, and he broke up with his ex-partner only six months before the experiment. Sara has huge concerns that Tim may not be over his ex – a huge trigger given her past with a cheating ex. Sara walks out of the reception in frustration, she claims she doesn’t want to be the girl to help him get over his ex. Tim’s mate Ben’s best man speech only adds fuel to the fire. He jokes Sara is “experiment number 865, amongst several questionable comments about Tim’s dating past. Sara’s friends are shocked and believe Sara and Tim will have a hot and fiery first week, but it’s a car crash waiting to happen.

The second bride is Cassandra, a 30-year-old sweetheart from QLD. Cassandra had been with her high school sweetheart, ‘the one’ for 8 years before he tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident when she was 23. Then in 2020, tragedy continued when her mother passed away from cancer. Cassandra says she was in a very dark space for a long time, and her father, Moddy, helped her through it.

Cassandra is matched with Tristan, an energetic 30-year-old entertainment manager from Sydney. Family-oriented Tristan has only had one girlfriend and is riddled with self-doubt and insecurities. He is desperately after that cheerful, bright soul he’d treat as his ‘Queen’ and build a life and family with.

At the ceremony, Tristan’s nerves get the better of him and he hilariously mistakes one of Cassandra’s bridesmaids, her sister, as his new wife when she walks down the aisle. Their ceremony is heart-warming, as their vows for one another leave them walking into the future together in high hopes.

Tristan adores Cassandra at the reception, as he introduces himself to her family and friends. Cassandra’s dad, Moddy, steals the spotlight with his comedic, charismatic, and heartfelt speech that has the guests in tears. The perfect end to a love-filled wedding.

For their honeymoon, Cassandra and Tristan are heading to the McLaren Vale wine region in South Australia, where Tristan surprises an amazed Cassandra with some flowers and sweet treats for her 30th birthday.

The same cannot be said for Fiji-bound Sara and Tim, who are doing their best to overcome their rocky start. Tim has planned a romantic dinner to get them back on track, but when Tim bites his tongue on a ‘joke’, Sara discovers he was planning to tell her to “relax” – a comment she does not take well. Tim then proceeds to tell her he didn’t say it and tells Sara “not to put words in his mouth” or “play games”. Sara is infuriated and storms off in tears.


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