Married at First Sight Mini Review

There’s nothing more nerve wrecking then meeting your love for the first time, right?

There’s the pressure to do things right, to make the right impression, to find the spark, the chemistry that could lead to spending the rest of your life with them. That often takes time, and several dates. And when that goes well, we settle down- we move in together, and get married. Now imagine skipping all those awkward moments, all those months of dating and imagine being at your wedding… only you have never met the person you’re about to wed. That’s the premise of Married at First Sight.

Now in its fourth season, the show has undergone a transformation from two episodes a week to airing three to potentially four nights a week to take on Seven’s My Kitchen Rules and Ten’s I’m A Celebrity.

Season Four is set to be a super-sized series, opening with our three expert matchmakers- relationship psychologist John Aiken, neuro psychotherapist Trisha Stratford and dating expert and psychologist Mel Schilling- taking on the mammoth task of pairing up 20 brave singles, double the amount of past seasons, to create 10 perfect matches.

The 20 singles split up by gender gather at different houses before the big day.  Where after some time conversations quickly identify who we should keep an eye on as the series progresses. We are also introduced to their backstories, explaining why they decided to take part.

One of the key changes this season is we will see all ten couples living together in an apartment block. This is so they have each other’s support but opens up the potential for drama.

As usual, casting is key and this season there is a stripper, truck driver, flight attendant, entrepreneur, student, farmer, business owner, ex-model, and identical twins.

There are just two weddings in the premiere with more to come over the week but details beyond that are being kept under wraps until Monday night.

Married at First Sight delivers an enjoyable premiere that should hook viewers right from the get go.

Married at First Sight begins 7:30 pm Monday  ON Nine. however, if you can’t wait for it 9NOW has the premiere from tomorrow for a limited time.

3.5 stars/5