Married At First Sight Isn’t Young Love Grand?

Married At First Sight Isn’t Young Love Grand?

After four eventful weddings, the first couples to enter this year’s Experiment are honeymooning around the globe. In Singapore, Sandy & Dan are waking up with their pillow fort intact, as they take small steps towards intimacy. On Fraser Island, Lyndall & Cameron are growing closer with every passing day, building on their instant connection. 

However, not all couples are doing so well. In the Whitsundays, Jesse & Claire are spending the morning apart following the first evening of their honeymoon, when Jesse shooshed Claire for being loud. Meanwhile, Bronte & Harrison are still in a tense place following wedding day revelations that Harrison had been sleeping with someone in the days prior to entering the experiment. However, moments after arriving in the Hunter Valley, Bronte’s sister calls with news that the allegations against Harrison were motivated by jealousy. The newlyweds resolve to start afresh.  

As the first four couples head off on their honeymoons, two more couples have been matched and are about to start their own unique journey in the Experiment.

Our next two singles are preparing to enter the Experiment – from Sydney, 27 year old Tahnee, and from Perth, 26 year old Ollie. Despite being the youngest couple in this year’s Experiment, both are old souls with traditional views of relationships. They are both fed up with the difficulties and superficialities of modern dating so are now turning to the Experts for help.

Despite any previous nerves from both Tahnee and Ollie, they are beaming at each other from the second they connect and there’s an instant attraction between the couple. 

The next bride to enter the Experiment is Janelle, an ambitious and confident beauty and make-up influencer, with thousands of online followers. Having had a strict Asian upbringing, her family expects that any partner of Janelle’s should have a stable career and is equally ambitious as their daughter.

The Experts have matched Janelle with self-made entrepreneur Adam – who has recently returned home from London and is looking for love.

As the big day arrives for Janelle & Adam both are feeling the nerves. But when they meet at the aisle, the nerves melt away as they find themselves immediately attracted to each other, and the conversation flows easily. But when Adam delivers his vows he mentions that he isn’t perfect and he has a “past”. While Janelle doesn’t think too much of this moment, her family are very much concerned. What is this past that he speaks of? Should they be worried?

At the wedding reception Janelle’s brothers make it their mission to get to the bottom of Adam’s ‘past’, and waste no time pulling him aside for a chat. Adam comes clean, revealing that he has cheated on his previous long term partner. The brothers are taken aback, but agree to let Adam confess this to Janelle himself. 

Meanwhile, at Tahnee & Ollie’s wedding reception, the young couple continue to bond over their mutual interests. Their wedding reception ends with their first dance, and the evening is sealed with a kiss.

Back at Janelle & Adam’s reception, Janelle has finally pulled Adam for a chat, and quickly gets down to asking Adam if he has any secrets he would like to share with her. Adam hesitates before coming clean that he cheated in his previous long-term relationship. Cheating is something Janelle can’t stand, but she decides to accept that it was a long time ago and she hopes that Adam has changed. Janelle is however left more concerned about Adam’s career prospects and her questioning leaves their reception ending on a sour note. 

Following their weddings, our two new couples are waking up as husband and wife. Tahnee & Ollie wake up in good spirits, that are lifted even higher when they find out they will be honeymooning in Fiji. 

Janelle & Adam, however, are waking up in a tense mood. Janelle still isn’t sure what Adam does for work, and a seemingly innocuous morning conversation turns ugly when Janelle asks Adam if he has enough money to survive. Adam takes offence to this line of questioning, and puts the newlyweds relationship on the rocks before they’ve even left for their honeymoon. 

Arriving in Cairns for their honeymoon, things are frosty between Janelle & Adam. Adam lets it be known that he was offended by Janelle’s insinuation that he didn’t have enough money to take care of himself. Janelle realises how rude she has been and the couple agree to start afresh.  

And finally, in Fiji it’s the morning after the first night of their honeymoon and Tahnee & Ollie have officially consummated their marriage. It’s early days but this young couple already looks like they could be perfect for each other.


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