Married at First Sight Cultural Celebration

Married at First Sight Cultural Celebration

After a magical wedding day, Lyndall & Cameron are waking up to a bright future together. But Bronte & Harrison have spent their first night sleeping separately, after Bronte’s friend Jess’ revelation at their reception. Harrison still has some explaining to do, but for Bronte, Harrison’s questionable past is going to be tough to get over.

As Lyndall & Cameron and Bronte & Harrison head off on their honeymoons, two more couples are about to start their journey in the Experiment. And this time the weddings couldn’t be more different – a captivating cultural ceremony, and a rock ‘n’ roll celebration of love.

The next bride to enter the Experiment is Sandy who has grown up in a traditional Indian family where all her actions and decisions are based on what is expected of her by her family and her community.

Sandy is a strong and driven woman who is ready to take this leap of faith for herself, despite what her parents think. The Experts have matched her with business owner and father, Dan who is drawn to a resilient woman with integrity who shares his strong family values. Dan possesses the emotional maturity and life experience to be the support Sandy needs to navigate such unknown territory.

Our next groom is Jesse – a marriage celebrant who sees the world from a unique perspective. He’s very particular and has an extensive ‘ick’ list and can be quick to rule potential partners out. Jesse has been matched with Claire who is resilient, empathetic and unapologetically herself – she has a lot of love to give, and the experts hope she can help Jesse open his mind.

Sandy prepares for her wedding ceremony, dressing in culturally traditional Indian attire – wearing red, with henna markings and complete Indian jewellery – head to toe. Dan calls his daughter to get support as he readies himself for the ceremony.

It is a nervous first meeting between Sandy and Dan but they relax into each other’s company throughout the ceremony – they’re off to a good start.

Meanwhile, Jesse dresses in a bright pink suit for his wedding day, and Claire’s excitement builds as she heads to the ceremony. When they see each other for the first time, Jesse thinks that his bride-to-be is “ungodly hot” and Claire is wooed by the vulnerability her new husband shows in his vows.

While Sandy & Dan are having a great time at their wedding reception, Claire & Jesse’s initial spark begins to flicker when Claire starts to talk about star signs and crystals, and pulls out a crystal she has been hiding in her wedding dress. Jesse is not a fan of “star sign chicks”, and he fears he is moving into ick territory.

As the night goes on, Jesse fights hard against the ick and remembers the advice Expert John gave to him before he entered the Experiment – work to change his boundaries and be open minded.

After a successful day of celebrations, Sandy has shared a bed with her new husband Dan. Today, they are happily setting off to start their honeymoon in Singapore.

Meanwhile, Claire & Jesse are set to embark on their honeymoon, but as they pack, Claire begins to grate on Jesse.

Arriving in The Whitsundays, Claire & Jesse have already been thrown off course, as Claire reveals that enroute, Jesse ‘shooshed’ her more than once. Claire gets upset as she is now second guessing everything she is saying, and how she says it.


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