Mark Wales Crowned Sole Survivor.

<strong>Mark Wales Crowned Sole Survivor.</strong>

Ex-SAS specialist, Mark Wales, has been crowned the Sole Survivor and winner of the $500,000 cash prize in tonight’s gripping Australian Survivor: Blood V Water finale.

After 47 days of being pushed to his physical and mental limit, surviving countless challenges and Tribal Councils, plus the weight of two hidden immunity idols, Mark managed to outwit, outplay and outlast the 23 other contestants that were vying for the title of Sole Survivor alongside their loved one.

The final Immunity Challenge saw the final four contestants – Mark, Chrissy, Josh and Shay – face the greatest test of endurance yet, as they stood on a ledge that was suspended over a waterfall while they held onto pegs for their dear life. 

Before the challenge that would ultimately seal their fate, the final four were treated to an emotional phone call with their families. After everything they had sacrificed over the last 46 days, there had never been so much at stake for the final four.

In an unbelievable feat, challenge beast Shay was declared the winner, taking out the illustrious Immunity, and most-importantly guaranteeing herself a spot in the final three.

Back at camp, Chrissy was tormented by an excruciating head versus heart decision, as she juggled with the choice to vote out Mark, or her greatest ally in the game, Josh. 

Chrissy voted with her head, and made her first major move of the season, as she wrote down her best friend’s name, sending Josh to the Jury.

After a lavish finale breakfast, Shay, Mark and Chrissy trekked to Tribal Council for the final time, where they were up against the hard questions as they pitched and pleaded their cases to the Jury of eliminated contestants.

In a landslide vote, after playing the great game twice now, Mark was crowned the Sole Survivor of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water and the winner of a life-changing $500,000. As the enormity of the win sunk in, Mark embraced his family and the Jury, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.


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