Maria Thattil Has Been Ejected From The Aussie Jungle.

Maria Thattil Has Been Ejected From The Aussie Jungle.

We aren’t mucking around. Finals week is here and every night we will lose one celebrity from the Aussie jungle. Tonight, the salty potato that is Maria Thattil was ejected into a creek and we can still hear David sobbing.

From the second she threw herself out of a helicopter, Maria quickly captured the hearts of her fellow campmates (cough Joey Essex cough) and those watching at home. She went in a beauty queen, but she proved she was so much more than just a pretty face. Intelligent, inquisitive, selfless and brave, Maria opened up about her sexuality, coming out as bisexual and admitting she hid the truth after being “shamed”.

There was no denying that Mr. Essex was falling for our Miss Universe Australia, (as well as falling out of his bed and into the bushes below) but during her exit interview with Chris and Julia, Maria revealed that the lovebirds found the pressure to be this years Tarzan and Jane a little too much and that they would wait and see what happened outside of the jungle.

Also on tonight’s show we witnessed bravery at its very best. The Viper Room was back to torture its next victim. It was if the jungle gods knew Dylan Lewis was ready to overcome his greatest fear. Trapped in an underground coffin, claustrophobia and the darkness creeping in, Dylan was buried up to his waist before 50 danger noodles, aka snakes, were dropped on to his head. 

Incredibly, Dylan courageously survived 11 minutes to win all 11 stars. The psychological effort it took for Dylan to complete this trial was evident as he lifted himself out of the pit, telling Chris and Julia that he summoned his late brother’s stillness to get him through. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Before Maria left the jungle she dobbed in Poh Ling Yeow, Brooke McClymont, Nathan Buckley and Emily Seebohm to take part in tomorrows trial before yet another celebrity is ejected. 


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