Malika: The Lion Queen comes to 10 next week

Malika: The Lion Queen comes to 10 next week

For far too long we’ve celebrated the greatness that is the King of the Jungle. Well no more. Introducing the two part series from the Emmy Award winning producers of Planet Earth IIBlue Planet and Hostile PlanetMalika: Queen Of The Jungle.

In a special television event, we’ll follow Malika’s journey from a young rough and tumble lion cub, to a striking, empowered Queen. In a celebration of female strength and resilience, it’s a side to the pride like you’ve never seen before.

The untold story of the lioness’ experience is one to behold, facing challenges like no other. In a visually-stunning story, the King’s leading lady displays the softer but no means less powerful of one of the most intriguing animals on the planet.

Narrated by Academy Award and Emmy Award nominated actor Angela Bassett, Malika: The Lion Queen will have the whole family captivated by this marvellous cat.

Malika: The Lion Queen premieres 7:30pm Sunday April 18 & Monday April 19 on 10.