Making The Pursuit Of Happiness.

Making The Pursuit Of Happiness.

Tonight, the challenges focused on Home Sweet Home. The Faster Craft consisted of creating a Hometown Diorama, a miniature craft version honouring the town or city they come from, set inside glass in only three hours.

The results were as imaginative as they were humorous. With an ode to her hometown of Ballarat, Props Maker George recreated the local burger cart, often patroned after a boozy night out at the pub. Complete with an oversized seagull and chip in its mouth, and a bit of crafty vomit for good measure, the judges loved her vision, and awarded her a patch.

For the Master Craft, our Makers had eight hours to create their version of a Happy Place; a nook or space that can be used for meditation, yoga, reading… you name it!

In a testament to how creativity can help heal and bond, Dan revealed a game-changing health diagnosis: that he has early onset Parkinson’s Disease, that slows him down and reduces his ability to create. For the challenge, he built a relaxing tent where he and his wife could project images of fun times, outdoors.

The winning space came from Fashion Designer Sai-Wai. Her rococo inspired, forest-bathing happy place included a bell for a butler to deliver fried chicken, a stunning paper book blowing in the breeze and bathrobes. Her pebbled floor floored the judges and saw her take home her first patch.

Stephanie’s favourite thing to do is drink tea so she created a pink, fuzzy, high tea day bed. While inviting, the proportions of the space were off, with the side table and deemed the least impressive. The party planning mum was disappointed that her Making It Australia experience came to an end, but that didn’t stop her cooking up a Greek feast for the hosts!


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