Making Connections And Clandestine Cocktail Party Kisses.


Ali made it very clear how she felt about those who took her fancy on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette Australia with intense single dates, photoshoot role playing and secret cocktail party kisses.

The first official day at the mansion saw the bachelors commending Ali on how well she had handled the first evening. It was soon revealed that builder Charlie would be receiving the first single date and he was relieved when Bill, the recipient of the wild rose, said he would not be stealing it.

Suspended 61-meters above a bustling Sydney street, Ali proposed a trust game of Twister. Working in construction, Charlie wasn’t fazed and happy to step up and make Ali feel comfortable. Her fear of heights was getting the better of her but Charlie did everything he could to reassure her. Ali felt he showed her that he would always have her back and she thanked him with not only a sky-high kiss but also a rose later in the evening.

On his return to the mansion Charlie was grinning ear to ear but it was his speech to the bachelors telling them they need to be there for the right reasons or they should leave, that ruffled a few feathers.

The arrival of a group date card saw Taite, Daniel, Todd, Damien, Dan, Robert, Danny, Jules, Ivan and Paddy heading to Curzon Hall for a New York inspired photoshoot for the cover of Mills and Boon books.

Danny, Jules and Ivan were first up with a summer fashion week theme. Danny and Ivan played Ali’s scantily clad male models while Jules had the role of photographer – which he took a little too seriously.

Next we saw Paddy and Robert in the spring break photoshoot with Robert playing the sexy husband and Paddy the bell boy. While Paddy felt his role was a stitch up, he played the part of the cheeky bell boy well, but it was Robert  who started to emerge as a dark horse.

Next up was a Halloween party theme with Todd as the gatecrasher, Daniel as Ali’s date, Damien as bartender and Dan as the body guard. While Todd and Ali had a noticeable connection, Dan saw it as a chance to chat to Ali frustrating the other boys on the shoot.

Last but not least was a one-on-one winter’s stroll shoot with Taite. The pair quickly felt they shared a natural chemistry which had the other bachelors worried.

The cocktail party had a much more relaxed feel until Paddy decided to take it on himself to ask Charlie some ‘tough questions’.

After thinking about Robert all day, Ali took him aside for a cheeky sensual kiss away from all of the boys.

Cheyne was next to take her aside and while Charlie had told the boys he would be respectful and hold off chatting with Ali, it wasn’t long before he interrupted Cheyne’s conversation much to the annoyance of Paddy.

At the rose ceremony we said goodbye to Cheyne who wished Ali good luck in finding her true love.