Magpie Murders Review

Magpie Murders Review
Magpie Murders - Season 1 - Episode 102

Today, Britbox unveils its next crime drama in the form of Magpie Murders.

When Magpie Murders begins, we are introduced to best-selling mystery writer Alan Conway (Conleth Hill), who is putting the finishing touches on his latest Detective Atticus Pünd (Tim McMullan) novel for his publisher Clover Books, owned by Charles Clover (Michael Maloney), which is on the verge of being sold.

It’s here that we meet Susan Ryeland (Lesley Manville), editor of Conway’s latest detective novel ‘Magpie Murders’. A lover of books, Susan is at a book fair when we meet her upon her return from a romantic rendezvous with partner Andreas (Alexandros Logothetis). When she finally gets her hands on Conway’s hotly-anticipated novel, she devours it, only to discover that the crucial final chapter isn’t included.

But the mystery only deepens when it’s revealed that Conway has been suspiciously murdered. Ryeland is set to solve a double mystery – the truth behind Conway’s death, and the location of the manuscript missing the final chapter which might hold all the answers.

Writer Anthony Horowitz adapts his own novel, and while this could be a challenge given that it’s two mysteries at once, from the opening frame the characters a fleshed out and it’s relatively easy to follow, but do pay attention.

The cast all give decent performances so it’s hard to single anyone out.

Magpie Murders is the perfect winter treat for crime buffs.

4 Stars

Magpie Murders streams today on BritBox.


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