Magicians, Michael Jackson And socks

Magicians, Michael Jackson And socks

After eight days of slumming it in the jungle…the cracks have finally started to appear

Unfortunately this all began because of the cracks on Tanya Hennessy’s feet (stay with us). You see…Tanya has a foot fungus. And Ryan Gallagher mistook her last pair of clean dry socks, for his own (stay with us).

Cue lots of finger-pointing, he said, she said, tears and tantrums, all leading up to those famous two words: I’m sorry.

Whilst it seems harsh, the removal of one’s creature comforts can actually work for the greater good. Case in point, Tanya again.

Tanya’s tower of emotion continued when she had a heart-to-heart with resident camp dad Miguel Maestre about her depression and anxiety easing off because of her jungle stay. Citing the benefits of human connection for one’s soul, social media sensation Tanya broke down as she revealed she spends too much time in cyberspace and not enough time in reality.

Also struggling with the jungle detox, comedian Nikki Osborne had a case of the old waterworks by the waterfall. Breaking down in front of unlikely ally Erin Barnett, it’s clear the mother-of-two is struggling being away from home.

In tonight’s blockbuster trial, Dreadmill, Charlotte Crosby, Rhonda Burchmore, Dale Thomas and Miguel were pushed way outside their comfort zone. Suspended off a cliff 1600 metres above the ground, the awesome foursome had to run on a treadmill that was dangerously close to the edge.

Whilst Dale and Miguel soldiered on and secured an impressive five stars between them, Charlotte and Rhonda let panic overtake them. A virgin to the gym and thus to the treadmill.

Charlotte, who has an open fear of vertical drops, mustered up the courage to step out onto the moving belt to win two stars for camp.

Rhonda is one of those great casting gets where you stick her in a jungle… and she sings like a beautiful bird.

Spilling the tea to her jungle squad, Rhonda opened up about her friendship with actress Brooke Shields. The two of them became friends after Brooke asked to meet her after a show to ask where she got her jeans from.

One day on a shopping expedition together, Brooke allegedly got a phone call from Michael Jackson. It seems Whacko Jacko was desperate to marry her. The tea is so hot our taste buds are shot to hell.

And if the show wasn’t enough of a cracker already, Marvellous magician Paul Cosentino as the 13th cast member.

Do not miss tomorrow night when ophiophobic Tom Williams is forced to face his fear of snakes in the terrifying trial, Bad Breath.