MAFS Reunion Dinner Party

MAFS Reunion Dinner Party

It’s been four weeks since the end of the experiment and the participants are getting ready to catch up at the Reunion Dinner Party.

Two of the experiment’s successful couples, Melinda & Layton and Tahnee & Ollie, are entering the Reunion Dinner Party, both still together. The couples that didn’t make it to the end of the experiment are anticipating an exciting and confronting reunion with the group.

Bronte and Harrison are both happily single. Claire reveals that she and Jesse talk often, and Jesse is wondering whether the spark is still there between them.

For Alyssa and Duncan, time has not healed all wounds and Alyssa is going into the Dinner Party feeling that Duncan had manipulated her throughout the experiment and wants answers tonight.

New information has been revealed which has made Lyndall question her entire experience in the experiment.

Lyndall is planning to call Cameron out, after she heard from at least two sources that Cameron has been sexting with Tayla. Lyndall believes Tayla and Cameron’s flirtation started during the experiment, and she wants answers.

The Cocktail Party commences with an energetic Jesse entering followed by Sandy. Lyndall enters the Cocktail Party and discloses to Jesse and Sandy that she and Cameron broke up at Final Vows and informs them about the rumours of Cameron and Tayla sexting and exchanging nudes. Sandy and Jesse are shocked.

The mood of the room is lifted after Tahnee & Ollie enter but is quickly turned sour after Alyssa arrives and tells the group that Duncan dumped her and blindsided her at Final Vows.

Claire arrives at the Cocktail Party and gives a warm reception to Jesse; however the opposite is true when Cameron arrives and completely ignores Lyndall.

Ollie confronts Cameron about the rumours between him and Tayla. Cameron does not think that anything outside the experiment is anyone’s business and he denies the rumours.

Tayla is the last to arrive and everyone is anticipating Cameron’s greeting with Tayla. Tahnee asks Tayla if the rumours are true, but she denies that there is anything going on between her and Cameron.

There is tension around the dinner table and Melinda begins with addressing the elephant in the room:  The alleged sexting between Cameron and Tayla.

Cameron attempts to explain what happened between him and Tayla as she sits across the table smirking. Cameron defends that it’s just been a friendly back and forth chat however when Tayla eventually speaks up, she admits to the group she saw Cameron naked when they Facetimed. The revelation shocks the group and leaves Lyndall upset.

Bronte addresses the group to reveal that she reached out to the girl that Harrison had been seeing before the experiment to find out the nature of their relationship. Harrison reveals that the girl then called him to let him know that Bronte had reached out to her and in an attempt to take Bronte down, he pulls out a printed copy of Bronte’s messages to his ex to show the table. Bronte laughs, as she believes the messages are not damaging, and the group laughs at Harrison for bringing his printed ‘receipts’.

Alyssa confronts Duncan at the dinner table. Alyssa feels like Duncan led her on and she leaves the table crying, telling Duncan he broke her heart. Alyssa returns to the table, where Duncan explains himself as best he can, but Alyssa is unsatisfied with his answers.


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