MAFS Retreat Week Kicks Off

MAFS Retreat Week Kicks Off

It’s Retreat Week, where our couples will escape the city and head to the Southern Highlands of NSW to live under one roof for four days.

But before they leave, tensions are already brewing after last night’s heated Commitment Ceremony. Harrison accused Melinda and Layton’s relationship of being fake; an accusation that has left Melinda reeling and desperate to protect her blossoming relationship with Layton.Harrison doubles down on his beliefs as he and Bronte revel in their partnership taking a positive turn.

Meanwhile, an anxious Hugo hopes to make amends with wife Tayla, who is living in a separate apartment, after she surprised him by writing leave last night. Tensions boil as they discuss their different perspectives of what was said at the Commitment Ceremony, but immediately simmer when Tayla unexpectedly invites him to move back into their apartment. Hugo accepts her invitation with newfound hope.

With the Commitment Ceremony now behind them, the couples embark on the next phase of the experiment, the retreat, where their relationships will be tested outside the bubble of their city apartments. They claim their rooms in a Hunger Games-like race, with Evelyn and Melinda scoring the retreat’s most coveted private guest house. While Tayla and Hugo take the only room with two single beds, Claire and Jesse agree to share a bed this week with hopes that the retreat can bring them closer together.

After enjoying some R&R, the couples come together for first night drinks, which takes a turn when Hugo overhears his wife Tayla loudly telling the girls about her high sex drive and inappropriate requests made by her ex-partner while on the experiment. Believing Tayla struggled with intimacy issues, these revelations shock Hugo to the core and he is forced to once again reevaluate his relationship with Tayla.

The night descends further into chaos when Evelyn and Harrison go head-to-head over the legitimacy of the pocket dial incident. When Bronte is confronted by the girls as to whether she shares Harrison’s views, she unapologetically tells them that she has Harrison’s back no matter what. The girls begin to question Bronte on whether she is losing herself to him. The discussion becomes heated when they claim Bronte is being emotionally manipulated by Harrison, and when Melinda calls her naïve, Bronte storms off in tears.

The next day, while the husbands make the most of their time together, tensions amongst the girls remain high. Bronte vents her frustrations to Tahnee, demanding an apology from Melinda for calling her naïve. When Melinda hears of this through the grapevine, she questions why she is always the target and anxiously prepares herself for the upcoming girls night. Meanwhile, cracks form between Alyssa and Duncan after Alyssa spirals from the lack of time she spent with him throughout the day. She demands more affection from him and Duncan does his best to make things right, to no avail.

The husbands and wives take the night to let off some steam separately, and the girls and boys night becomes a forum for our participants to discuss their relationship with their peers. At the boys night, Hugo tells the boys what he overheard Tayla say to the girls the night before. Hoping for some reassurance and advice, he asks if they think he has a chance for a ‘Jesse and Claire’ turnaround and the boys say no.

Meanwhile, at the girls’ night, Alyssa shocks the other wives when she announces that Duncan is in fact not her type. Throughout the night, tensions continue to brew amongst the girls until Bronte finally confronts Melinda regarding the naive comment. While Melinda tries to express her concerns about Harrison and reiterates that she’s only trying to help; Bronte stands firm in her belief that she and Harrison are in a good place and does not wish to continue the conversation. Melinda gives up and steps out with Evelyn for a bewildered debrief before the pair decide to eavesdrop on the boys…


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