MAFS First Commitment Ceremony

MAFS First Commitment Ceremony

As Confessions Week draws to a close, the couples face the next phase of the experiment: the very first Commitment Ceremony. While some couples look forward to celebrating their newfound connections, others are steeling themselves for some stern feedback from the experts, or facing the difficult decision of whether to stay and work on their relationship or leave the experiment for good.

The first couple on the couch, TRISTAN and CASSANDRA arrive with a burst of energy, but the mood quickly shifts as TRISTAN declares his feelings of self-loathing. CASSANDRA admits her husband’s self-doubt causes her to pull away. TRISTAN resolves to challenge his negative self-talk with some advice from the experts and CASSANDRA and TRISTAN reveal they have chosen to stay for another week of the experiment.

LUCINDA and TIMOTHY discuss their struggle to reconcile their differing needs for affection. Despite their differences, both TIMOTHY and LUCINDA insist they feel attracted to one another. After TIMOTHY agrees to work on showing LUCINDA more affection, both reveal they have written stay. 

When TORI and JACK take their seat on the couch, expert John wastes no time in addressing the article about JACK’s ex-girlfriend, demanding answers about when the relationship ended. Despite JACK’s attempts to deflect John’s inquiries, JACK reluctantly admits that he was still in a relationship whilst meeting with the experts. A defensive TORI insists she is unphased by this revelation, but when TORI reveals that she and JACK have yet to be intimate, the experts are confused as their body language says otherwise. Uninterested in the thoughts of the group, JACK and TORI reveal they have written stay. 

As SARA and TIM take their place on the couch, SARA is quick to take the lead in recounting their journey thus far, speaking on behalf of TIM – a dynamic the experts are quick to notice. A hesitant TIM reluctantly admits he finds SARA intimidating and outlines his doubts about her honesty after she firmly refused to participate in the phone swap task. After agreeing to work on their communication, both SARA and TIM reveal they want to stay in the experiment for another week.

ELLIE and BEN begin their couch session with a glowing review of their first two weeks, however expert Alessandra senses something amiss, prompting ELLIE to reveal their starkly different stances on family and having children. BEN confuses Alessandra with a series of vague answers about his plans for children, but eventually admits to being in two minds about fatherhood. Despite this revelation both agree to remain in the experiment and heed Alessandra’s advice to continue discussing their future.

LAUREN and JONATHAN unpack their hot/cold relationship. With the help of expert Mel, JONATHAN and LAUREN recognise that LAUREN’s tendency to deflect deep conversations with jokes and sarcasm causes JONATHAN to retreat, triggering a negative cycle in their relationship. LAUREN agrees to be more open with JONATHAN, and both agree to stay for another week.

EDEN and JAYDEN are still reeling in the aftermath of JAYDEN’s confessions letter, which detailed an act of revenge on his cheating ex-girlfriend. While the experts are left shocked by JAYDEN’s story, expert John praises EDEN’s calm and mature handling of the situation. And while EDEN reiterates her disapproval of JAYDEN’s actions, she reveals she is willing to give him a chance to prove he has changed. Both EDEN and JAYDEN remain in the experiment for another week.

NATALIE and COLLINS begin their couch session by addressing NATALIE’s decision to leave the experiment at the last Dinner Party. NATALIE recounts feeling isolated at the Dinner Party and then reveals her deep doubts about her husband COLLINS’ authenticity. COLLINS admits to not showing his wife affection, but becomes defensive and combative with expert John when asked how he could begin to build a connection with NATALIE. NATALIE reveals she would like to leave the experiment, but after a long and emotionally charged deliberation, COLLINS reveals he has chosen to stay for another week, meaning they will both remain in the experiment to work on their relationship.

The final couple on the couch ANDREA and RICHARD delight the experts and the group with mutually glowing reviews of their relationship. After impressing the other couples, both ANDREA and RICHARD reveal, to no surprise, that they want to remain in the experiment. RICHARD closes out the evening’s proceedings by advising the other couples to actively choose each other. 


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