MAFS Final Vows Come to a close

As the experiment draws to a close, the final five couples are faced with the weighty decision of whether to continue their journey together beyond the confines of the experiment or go their separate ways.

For JADE and RIDGE, the impending separation casts a sombre shadow as they reflect on their journey and envision a hopeful future together. RIDGE is determined to prove his commitment and readiness to embrace the role of stepfather to JADE’S daughter and be the mature partner Jade needs and wants.

Meanwhile, tensions run high between LAUREN and JONATHAN following a heated Dinner Party marred by JONATHAN’s refusal to acknowledge fault surrounding his questionable interactions via texts with former bride, ELLIE. In separate apartments, they prepare to leave the experiment, both wrestling with the reality of their fractured relationship and the Final Vow ceremony they will face.

In JACK and TORI’s apartment, TORI is filled with apprehension as the reality of their impending separation weighs on her. Her feelings for JACK are strong, and the thought of leaving him is hitting her hard. Meanwhile, JACK struggles with his own inner turmoil, filled with hesitation and uncertainty of the decision he is going to make.

After departing from Skye Suites, the couples are granted some solitude to deliberate on their respective decisions. JADE, giddy with excitement and missing RIDGE, is filled with hopeful anticipation of their potential fairytale ending. However, a heartfelt conversation with her mother bursts her bubble, bringing to light the weighty responsibility that RIDGE will need to shoulder as a stepfather. Her mother worries if RIDGE proves capable of maturing and stepping up to the plate.

As they near the Final Vows ceremony, RIDGE appears unwavering in his commitment to the relationship and is ready to start his future with his dream girl, JADE. Will JADE overcome her fears that party boy RIDGE will be able to be the responsible father and husband she needs him to be?

Meanwhile, LAUREN reflects on the warning signs of JONATHAN’s burgeoning infatuation with ELLIE, leading her to the unsettling conclusion that he was actively building a relationship with someone else while LAUREN was trying to build a relationship with him. Fueled by anger and betrayal, LAUREN is ready to confront JONATHAN, however, he sees things differently. He accuses LAUREN of being a liar, claiming that she has misrepresented his actions and twisted the truth about his messages with ELLIE to make them look more flirtatious than they actually were. Donning all black, JONATHAN makes his way to the vows with dread for what LAUREN is going to throw his way.

Finally, TORI and JACK stand on the brink of a decision that could irrevocably alter the course of their relationship. While TORI is head over heels and deeply enamoured with JACK, his internal turmoil threatens to derail their future. Fears of uprooting TORI’s life for the uncertain prospect of a future on the Gold Coast weigh heavily on JACK’s mind.

At the first Final Vow Ceremony, RIDGE pours his heart out to JADE, expressing how she has transformed him into a better man and declaring his readiness to shoulder the responsibilities of their relationship. Professing his obsession with her, he eagerly anticipates starting their life together. However, JADE, harbouring concerns about RIDGE’s maturity and behaviour, casts a shadow of doubt over their future. Yet, as the vows unfold, she finds solace in her deep affection for RIDGE, acknowledging the happiness and security he has brought into her life. Despite her reservations, she decides to give their relationship a chance beyond the experiment.

As LAUREN and JONATHAN stand face to face at the final vows, the tension is palpable. JONATHAN staunchly defends himself, insisting that his messages with ELLIE were innocent and accusing LAUREN of tarnishing his reputation with her lies. However, LAUREN finds his claims laughable and lays bare her grievances before ending their union for good.

And then, while TORI prepares to cement her future with JACK, will his uncertainty culminate in the blindside TORI, and the whole group, has been dreading?

TORI and JACK stand face to face at their Final Vows ceremony on the brink of a decision that could irrevocably alter the course of their relationship. TORI vows that she is prepared to uproot her life and move to the Gold Coast to cement her future with JACK and is head over heels for him. But JACK fears uprooting TORI’s life for the uncertain prospect of a future on the Gold Coast with him, especially given they are not in love. Nevertheless, JACK announces that the risk is worth it, and although his vows leave TORI confused, the couple ultimately decide to pursue a future together.

For SARA and TIM, the experiment has been undeniably tumultuous, however as the experiment draws to an end their bond has grown and SARA finds herself riddled with regret at how she treated TIM during the experiment and for not seeing that TIM was the man she had been looking for all along. SARA hopes TIM will be able to look beyond their troubled past so that they can have a future together beyond Final Vows.

TIM is excited about where they are as a couple, but as SARA and TIM say their goodbyes before separating to deliberate on their future together, TIM is flooded with memories of SARA’s regrettable behaviour, which poses the question…can TIM forget the past?

Meanwhile love birds EDEN and JAYDEN are glowing after last night’s Dinner Party Honesty Box confession, where JAYDEN revealed to EDEN and the group that he is in love with EDEN. Their affection for each other is palpable as they say their goodbyes and separate to deliberate on their future beyond the experiment.

In a romantic barn setting, EDEN and JAYDEN are reunited at their Final Vow Ceremony. Surrounded by a sea of candles, the couple declare their love for one another and share their hopes of a happily ever-after.

In Sydney, SARA is back home missing TIM and reflecting on how far she has come both personally and romantically throughout the experiment. Having come to the experiment to free herself from her ex’s hold on her, she is confident that she has made room for TIM in her heart. However, on the Gold Coast TIM has returned home conflicted after memories of the hard times continue to hound him. Does he make a call on his future with SARA by looking at the past? Or does he trust his heart and the way he feels about her now?

The day of Final Vows arrives for SARA and TIM. SARA is more certain than ever that there is a future for her and TIM and cannot wait to be reunited with him.

But it’s a very different story for TIM who is still struggling to decide whether to follow his head or heart.

As SARA and TIM reunite at their Final Vows ceremony, she is filled with hope that they will continue their relationship beyond the experiment. For TIM, after reminding SARA of the pain she has caused him, he declares that he does want a future with her. SARA cries tears of joy and they hug and kiss, before walking off into the sunset hand in hand.


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