MAFS Dinner Party Exit

MAFS Dinner Party Exit

Tonight is the experiment’s final Dinner Party – and it’s the first time the couples have seen each other since homestays.

As they get ready, Tahnee and Ollie reflect on their positive time together during homestays, and although Melinda and Layton remain worried about how their relationship will survive outside the experiment, they are heading into tonight’s Dinner Party united.

Following a catastrophic homestay, Bronte and Harrison have not spoken since returning from Perth and are getting ready separately to head into tonight’s Dinner Party alone.

Alyssa and Duncan also find themselves at a difficult point in their relationship after homestays, and although they are walking into the Dinner Party together, there is obvious tension between the two.

The Cocktail Party commences and as soon as Evelyn and Rupert arrive, Alyssa is quick to inform them that Duncan ripped their relationship apart during homestays, a statement that shatters Duncan.

Harrison arrives alone and tells the group that Bronte’s sister verbally “attacked” him during homestays, calling him a gaslighter. Evelyn is tired of hearing from Harrison and she motivates the girls to separate themselves from him.

When Lyndall and Cameron arrive, Lyndall confesses to the girls that she received no affection from Cameron during homestays.

Bronte arrives and Harrison is quick to approach her to talk, but she denies him. Lyndall tells him to give her a minute and Harrison is left stunned. Bronte debriefs with the girls, but Harrison again comes over to interrupt the conversation. Bronte confesses she is done with Harrison and dinner is served…

At the dinner table, Harrison and Bronte are eger to talk about their experience during homestays, but are interrupted by the Experts who reveal one last task for the couple before Final Vows: the Honesty Box.

The Experts warn the couples to be open, honest and vulnerable – as it’s their last chance to unpack any last concerns before Final Vows.

Tahnee and Ollie are the first to take on the honesty box and admit to each other they’re falling in love, and they’re excited for their future.

Alyssa and Duncan are icy throughout. Alyssa announces to the room that she has doubts about their relationship. Duncan is concerned about their different views on what a good relationship is as he doesn’t feel that their relationship is healthy. When Duncan asks what he can improve on, Alyssa tells him he takes things too literally and he should put himself in her shoes for once. It feels cold and unresolved between the two of them.

Evelyn and Rupert’s responses are awkward. Evelyn calls Rupert out for not having tried hard enough throughout this experiment and not taking her out on a date, and she admits her feelings have grown since day one. Rupert admits that he doesn’t feel like Evelyn is attracted to him, which Evelyn is annoyed by, because she wouldn’t have had sex with him if she wasn’t. Rupert is speechless. 

Lyndall and Cameron’s honesty box answers are emotionally charged, and they have the entire room rallying around them. Cameron’s main concern is their different lifestyles. Lyndall feels Cameron isn’t into her the same way she’s into him and is concerned about the lack of affection. Cameron admits to the group that he doesn’t feel like he is falling in love with Lyndall – information that is news to her. Lyndall leaves the dinner table crying, she feels as if she’s been broken up with for the third time in a week. Lyndall is left with plenty to think about before Final Vows.

Melinda reveals she is already in love with Layton, but while the room gushes over this admission, Layton instead questions how Melinda can be in love if they can’t communicate. Melinda is upset that he can’t tap into his emotions and she is with a “robot”. When Layton has his chance to respond, he reveals that he is not falling in love with Melinda just yet.

Bronte and Harrison are tense. Harrison is brutal with his responses and Bronte remains strong on the verge of tears throughout. As the group attempts to interject, Harrison shuts them down. Finally, Bronte seizes her moment to call Harrison out for all the pain he’s caused her and she storms off once and for all, announcing to Harrison that she’s done with their relationship and that she never wants to see him again as she exits the dinner party and the expirement,


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